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PE: Important Annoucements Sticky Blog Post

This blog post is being created so that it remains at the top of the list of other blog posts which are continuously generated and moving down the list.

The best way to use this sticky blog post to enhance the overall ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting Blog is still being considered.  At the present, the sticky thread, like the non sticky ones, is not set up to accept comments.

Thank you for exploring my observations on Premiere Elements.



March 1, 2016. How to obtain usable .iso image file from Premiere Elements 13/13.1 when iso file produced has file size greater than 1 GB? 
See the following on Premiere Elements and ISO Images
just published today. Content includes possible way to obtain a usable iso file (file size greater than 1 GB) from Premiere Elements 13/13.1 whose built in burn to ISO Image is flawed if the iso file size produced has a file size greater than 1 GB.

March 10, 2016. Tips for the Day.
  • Timeline "AVCHD" video/audio file with audio issue. Troubleshooting step if problems with AVCHD mts Dolby Digital 5.1 channel file - - determine if audio is 5.1 channel or stereo. And, if 5.1 channel audio in the file, then look to use of project preset described for use for file with 5.1 channel audio. If necessary for the troubleshooting to create own Premiere Elements 5.1 project preset, see HERE and HERE and HERE.
  • Hardware Acceleration. If looking the Hardware Acceleration preference for burn to troubleshooting, remember the preference does not exist in Premiere Elements 13/13.1 and 14/14.1 Mac or Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 32 bit. See HERE. Look into "Royalty Activation" for a possible solution for the MPEG2 export and DVD burn issues. See HERE and HERE.
  • Time Lapse. If looking for information on Time Lapse video and Premiere Elements please  See HERE and HERE
March 21, 2016. Camera Raw 9.5 Update and DNG 9.5 Converter Releases for Photoshop Elements 14/14.1 and Premiere Elements 14/14.1. 
Camera Raw 9.5 download/install for Photoshop Elements 14/14.1 and Premiere Elements 14/14.1 is done using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates. Details of the newly supported cameras for this Camera Raw 9.5 Update can be found HERE although the Elements products are not mentioned specifically in the document.  DNG 9.5 Converter download and install is done using

for Windows (7, 8/8.1, and 10)
for Mac (OS X 10.7 - 10.11) 

The alternative direct Camera Raw 9.5 download/install route mentioned HERE appears to be applicable to certain Creative Cloud applications but not to the Elements programs.

March 27, 2016. Reminder. The Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA GeForce Issue.
The Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA GeForce issue still exists which forces the user to roll back the current NVIDIA GeForce driver version to about May 2013. See HERE and HERE
In many instances the older NVIDIA GeForce drivers are no longer available online. If the problem is that it worked before but not now, the possibility exists that the user might have been working from the older (working) driver which automatically got updated. In that case, the hope is that the older driver is still on the computer and can be reverted back to for use after it is searched for and found on the computer.

April 13, 2016. Reminder. Camera Raw 6.7
References for which Camera Raw version for a particular Elements version, please see HERE
for "Adobe Camera Raw Help/Camera Raw-compatible Adobe applications". Those interested in Camera Raw 6.7 for Elements 10, consider updating from project's Help Menu/Updates or from download found HERE.

April 15, 2016. Apple QuickTime Security Alert and The Significance of That on Adobe and its Premiere Elements Installed On Windows and Mac. currently is featuring article stating that US advises deleting QuickTime from Windows computers due to hacking threat. QuickTime is a requirement for Premiere Elements Windows and Mac. According to the article, Mac computer is not involved in this matter. More information on this as it develops.

April 25, 2016. Information on Premiere Elements Frame Blend/Frame Blending, Time Lapse, or Split Screen Found In ATR Series of Premiere Elements Blog Posts
For Frame Blend/Frame Blending
Premiere Elements 14/14.1...right click video file, select Clip/Frame Blend. Or, select video clip, go to Clip Menu/Frame Blend. Also, see Frame Blend option "Frame Blending" found Tools Tab or Menu/Time Remapping. See HERE for details of Frame Blend/Frame Blending in Premiere Elements versions other than 14/14.1.
Time Lapse
See HERE and HERE.
Split Screen

April 28, 2016. Problems with Premiere Elements 11 and the SmartSounds/Sonicfire Pro feature?
Please explore the following for solutions

"Problem with SmartSound in Premiere Elements 11" 

"PE11: SmartSound Error Windows 8.1 64 bit"

May 4, 2016. Need Information About Camera Raw 8.5 for Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements?
References for which Camera Raw version for a particular Elements version, please see HERE
for "Adobe Camera Raw Help/Camera Raw-compatible Adobe applications". To update Camera Raw 8.5 in Premiere Elements 12/12.1, see 12/12.1 project's Help Menu/Updates. Also see HERE for overview of the camera support that Camera Raw 8.5 brings to Premiere Elements 12/12.1 as well as for a link to (if needed) DNG Converter 8.5.

May 4, 2016. Having Issues Dealing With Premiere Elements Shake Stabilizer?
Adjust Palette/Shake Stabilizer was introduced in Premiere Elements 13/13.1, and it exists in 14/14.1 known as Shake Reduction under the Adjust Palette. If problems with Premiere Elements Shake Stabilizer/Shake Reduction in Adjust Palette, please see the following
"Adobe Premiere Elements Help/Stabilize Video footage with Shake Stabilizer" 
PE 13/13.1: 2.7 Video Stabilization with Shake Stabilizer 

May 6, 2016. Having Issue With Updating Photoshop Elements 13 to 13.1?
Please see information in the February 18, 2016 blog post "PSE 13.1: Photoshop Elements 13.1 Update Issue" found HERE.

May 9, 2016. Want to Learn More About Premiere Elements Green Screen and Green Screen Like Effects?
Please see
PE11: Difference Matte As Substitute for Green or Blue Screen Key
PE: Non Red Key. What is it? 
PE: Alpha Adjust, What Is It? 
Premiere Elements Help/Transparency and superimposing 

In Premiere Elements 11 through 13/13.1, find keying effects in Expert workspace fx Effects/Keying/ and in, Premiere Elements 14/14.1, find keying effects in Expert workspace fx Effects/Video/Keying/

May 14, 2016. Reminder On Where To Find Blog Posts Here Related to Premiere Elements Keyboard Shortcuts.
Please see
Premiere Elements 14/14.1 
Premiere Elements 13/13.1
Premiere Elements 12/12.1 (Item 0016). 
Premiere Elements 11 

May 16, 2016. Reminder If Premiere Elements 14/14.1 and 5.1 Channel Audio Information Is Needed. 
Adobe document "Adobe Premiere Elements Help/5.1 Audio Import" can be found HERE. Please see the following and its supportive links included in this link...our own comprehensive look at Premiere Elements and 5.1 Channel Audio in general and in particular. 

May 16, 2016. Having Problems Updating Premiere Elements 14 to 14.1?
Typically this type of troubleshooting should start with determining if the problem exists with and without the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled. If that does not reveal the cause of the problem, please review the following solutions for the updating issues for Premiere Elements 13/13.1 to determine if any will work for you in 14.
ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE13/13.1: 13.1 Update Failures/Solutions

June 25, 2016. Asking About Removing an Adobe Premiere Elements project's watermark?
Please see the following blog details in this ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting series.

July 21, 2016. Interested in a Premiere Elements Typewriter Effect?
Reminder.....there is a suggested How To for a Premiere Elements Typewriter Effect, and it can found HERE in the ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting blog series .

July 28, 2016. Anyone having Premiere Elements problem "Narration Recording Stops After 30 Seconds"?
The problem of Premiere Elements Narration Recording stopping at 30 seconds was explained and answered in the ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting blog titled "PE: Narration Stops After 30 Seconds found HERE.

August 20, 2016. Anyone need information of Premiere Elements Max Still Image Size?
If so, please review information in the blog post "PE: Max Still Image Size" found HERE.

August 23, 2016. Anyone having video transition alignment issues (Left Clip, Between Clips, Right Clip)?
If so, please review information in blog post "PE: Video Transition - Part 2 How They Work" found HERE. Looking at the trimmed vs untrimmed edges of the clips involved is a good start at troubleshooting this type of issue.

September 24, 2016. Completed Premiere Elements Info Palette Blog Post Is Now Available.
Please see HERE.

September 26, 2016. Completed Premiere Elements Pop Out Effect Blog Post Is Now Available.
Please see HERE.

September 30, 2016. Will There Be A Premiere Elements 15?
We have seen no Adobe announcements about the fate of a Premiere Elements 15 (for that matter, also Photoshop Elements 15). If the dating history for new version Premiere Elements is to repeat the typical ritual of new version every every year/every September, we would have expected a Premiere Elements 15 by now. We have no insider information on the Adobe product plans, but will be on the watch for developments on this matter.

October 5, 2016. Release of Photoshop Elements 15 and Premiere Elements 15.
Details of the new releases will be in October 2016 blog posts in the ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting series of blog posts (See Premiere Elements 15 First Looks and Premiere Elements 15 Daily Discoveries). Work in progress.

October 23, 2016. Tips For The Day
  • Premiere Elements tryout watermark....old topic but still important...please refer back to older blog post found HERE.
  • See HERE for Mac links to versions of Adobe DNG Converter. See HERE for Windows links to versions of Adobe DNG Converter.
  • Videomerge links can be found HERE and HERE.

December 6, 2016. Adobe DNG Converter 9.7
Blog post published today, but dated November 30, 2016. See HERE for its entry as November 30, 2016.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

PE15: Adobe DNG Converter 9.7


Premiere Elements 15 and Photoshop Elements 15 are shipping with Camera Raw 9.6 with option to update to latest Camera Raw version which is 9.7.

Premiere Elements 15 and/or Photoshop Elements 15 Camera Raw feature trace back to the same version Camera Raw 9.7 Camera Raw.8bi file found in the path Local Disc C\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\Elements 15\File Formats\. Consequently, it follows that the same version of installed Camera Raw will apply to Premiere Elements 15 and/or Photoshop Elements 15 on the same computer.

Camera Raw editing dialog cannot be opened in Premiere Elements and only in Photoshop Elements, but the installed Camera Raw file does support the import of raw format images into Premiere Elements project provided
  • Camera Raw version is installed, and Camera Raw version supports the camera which captured the raw format image
  • the installed Camera Raw version supports the version of Photoshop Elements and/or Premiere Elements in use
  • in the case of Premiere Elements operating as 32 bit application, the raw image file size does not exceed the Adobe limit for still image file size. See HERE.
When the above criteria are not met, the choice needs to be made as to whether or not to update the situation so that the criteria are met or to convert the raw image format to the dng format to avoid the raw image format issues in this particular situation.The conversion of raw image format to dng format is done with the free standalone Adobe DNG Converter. Typically a newly released Camera Raw version will be accompanied by an Adobe DNG Converter with the same version number as the newly released Camera Raw version. When Premiere Elements is running as a 32 bit application, the  file size limitation applies to dng as well as raw image.

Refer to Adobe documents
"Cameras supported by Camera Raw" 
"Camera Raw plug-in and Adobe application compatibility"
"Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter for Windows"
"Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter for Macintosh"
 "Digital Negative (DNG)" 
"Understanding Digital Raw Capture"


The dng image, like its raw image source, is expected to be opened and edited in the Camera Raw dialog on the Photoshop Elements side of things. With or without the editing/saving of the dng in the Camera Raw dialog, the dng image can be imported as source media into the Premiere Elements project, barring any file size limitation issue.

It needs to be kept in mind that the Adobe DNG Converter is a standalone application, but....the question is, when the version of Camera Raw is updated by Adobe, is it necessary to update the version of Adobe DNG Converter? That is, does the user need a match of Camera Raw 9.7 and Adobe DNG Converter 9.7? Is it really necessary to keep updating the Adobe DNG Converter for each Camera Raw version update?

Focus points
Raw Image Editing in Camera Raw Dialog
DNG Editing in Camera Raw Dialog
RAW and DNG issues related to file size in Premiere Elements operating as 32 bit application.


Table 1 represents the results from converting Nikon D810 raw image (Nef) to dng with Adobe DNG Converter 9.7 (latest version) and observing
  • The compatibility of the raw and dng image in the Camera Raw editing dialog
  • The import of the raw and dng image into the Premiere Elements project
Table 1.

The observations obtained were consistent with what has been read in the references cited in the INTRODUCTION and ISSUES sections above, except for the Photoshop Elements 7 DNG result. The Adobe DNG Converter has Preferences section where compatibility of the dng file produced can be set for the version(s) of Camera Raw dialog which will open/edit the dng file file derived from the raw image.  See Adobe Camera Raw editing dialog 9.7, Preferences/Change Preferences/Preferences/Compatibility. See Table 2.

Table 2

In the case of the Photoshop Elements 7 Camera Raw 4.5 result, the Nikon D810 raw was converted to dng with Adobe DNG Converter 9.7 with a compatibility setting of Camera Raw 7.1 and later. At this point, it is not clear why the Nikon D810 dng opened in Photoshop Elements 7's Camera Raw 4.5 dialog. In the case of Adobe DNG Converter 9.7, the compatibility choices in Preference include
  • Camera Raw 2.4 and later
  • Camera Raw 4.1 and later
  • Camera Raw 4.6 and later
  • Camera Raw 5.4 and later
  • Camera Raw 6.6 and later
  • Camera Raw 7.1 and later
  • Custom

At this point, more work needs to be done to clarify the impact of the Preferences/Compatibility settings of the Adobe DNG Converter versions when producing dng files that are expected to open in Camera Raw dialog for edits/saving. Furthermore, when Photoshop Elements 9 (Camera Raw 6.5) replaced Photoshop Elements 7 (Camera Raw 4.5) in this question, the dng generated from Adobe DNG Converter 9.7 (Compatibility setting 7.1 and later) had not problems opening the Camera Raw 6.5 dialog for edits of the dng file.


If the interest of the Premiere Elements user is just to use dng file as source media for one of its projects, the data suggest that this user does not have to keep changing the Adobe DNG Converter version every time a version of Premiere Elements is changed.

Since Camera Raw files are typically large, there is the concern related to use of Premiere Elements as a 32 bit application and Adobe block of still image file size (total pixel count) greater than its limit. The resolution of the raw image file can be downsized in Camera Raw dialog (Photoshop only) and Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Editor. But, serious consideration should be given to using Premiere Elements as 64 bit application where still image file size (total pixel count) does not exist.



Monday, October 17, 2016

PE 15: eLive Workspace


PE 15: eLive Workspace blog post is being presented as a companion blog post for the already published "PE 13/13.1 and 14/14.1: eLive Workspace" found HERE


eLive workspace has not been available in all countries. To give the "have not" users a view of what is currently being provided by Adobe in the eLive workspace, Premiere Elements 15 eLive Workspace choices and links are being provided.

(as of October 17, 2016; highlighted titles* and offerings below are same in 15 and 14/14.1)

Get Started With Premiere Elements 15
Learn Tab

Take A Quick Tour Of Premiere Elements 15
News Tab

It Was A Big Day Out For Little Ethan
Ethan's day at the farm park
Inspire Tab

Create A Motion Path Using The Pan & Zoom Tool
Learn Tab

School Is Back In Session
5 tips to instantly improve your video compositions
Learn Tab

Create Titles With Title Themes
Learn Tab

Arrange Clips In A Movie
Learn Tab

Video with Antarctica theme
Inspire Tab

The Adventures Of Walter The Office Pug
Video with "The Adventures of Walter The Office Pug" theme
Inspire Tab

Memories Of Tokyo
Video with "Memories of Tokyo" theme
Inspire Tab

Guidance At Every Step
Focus on Guided Workspace using Premiere Elements 14 video NOT 15 
Learn Tab

Summer Memories
Video with "A Phantom Flex Summer Story"
Inspire Tab

Tell Dazzling Stories With Motion Titles
Uses a Premiere Elements 14 video (NOT 15)
Learn Tab

Take A Quick Tour Of Premiere Elements 14
Video offered with Premiere Elements 14 (NOT 15) title and content for this lesson
News Tab

Introducing Adobe Premiere Elements 14!
Offers "Introducing Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 & Premiere Elements 14 (NOT 15) 
News Tab

Share Your Videos
Learn Tab 

Create Your Own Movies
Offers a 13 video tutorial to focus in on Video Story feature (instead of 15)
Learn Tab 

Learn Time Lapse Photography Using Premiere Elements
Learn Tab
(problem: no access to YouTube video since it is listed as private type)

Share Your Videos On Social Sites 
Learn Tab

Stabilize Shaky Video
Learn Tab

Organize By Events 
Learn Tab

Guided Edits
Learn Tab

Sunday It Rained
Video with "Sunday it rained" theme
Learn Tab

Create Effects Using Adjustment Layers
Learn Tab

Use Mattes And Keys To Blend Videos Together
Video "Premiere Elements Mattes And Keys" 
Learn Key

A Simple Clip Of A 3 Year Olds Perspective
Video "Blake" 
Inspire Tab 

How To Add Multiple Effects To A Video 
Learn Tab

Adding Audio Effects 
Learn Tab

Use Motion Tracking To Add Objects That Move With Your Subject
Learn Tab

Suddenly I Feel Light
Inspire Tab

The World Beyond The World
Inspire Tab

Swinging Solo: Video Love Letter #1
Inspire Tab

Inspire Tab

Adjust Your Video's Color With Auto Smart Tone
Learn Tab

3 Easy Ways To Make Movies
Learn Tab 

Easily Tell Your Big Life Story 
Learn Tab 

Favorite Moments Fast Movies
Video focus is on Favorite Moments feature of program 
Learn Tab 

Smooth Out The Shakes
Learn Tab

* The above information/content was captured on October 17, 2016 and is subject to change determined by Adobe. Some version 15 promotional offerings can be seen at this time in 14/14.1 eLive. It seems that e-Live is not a page copy that is used in 15 and 14/14.1 since the layout of the offerings is different in these versions at the same moment in time. It is also observed that many of the different offerings are presented to the user in a version of Premiere Element other than 15. Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit and Mozilla Firefox (version 49.0.1) were used in this presentation.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

PE 15: Keyboard Shortcuts


For all intents and purposes the keyboard customization (Edit Menu/Keyboard Customization/Application & Window) are the same in Premiere Elements Windows 15 and 14/14.1. Minor exceptions include
  • Edit Menu/Keyboard Customization/Application/Help where "Reveal Logs Folder" is in 15, but not 14/14.1.
  • Edit Menu/Keyboard Customization/Windows/Timeline Window where Command/Shortcut for Razor Tool (C) and Selection Tool (V) are found in 14/14.1 but not 15.

Since for all intents and purposes the keyboard customization (Edit Menu/Keyboard Customization/Application & Window Commands/Shortcuts are the same, for 15 refer to the 14/14.1 keyboard commands/shortcuts found HERE.

* The information above has been triple checked (15 against 14/14.1), and it believed to be inclusive.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Premiere Elements 15 First Look


An announcement of the Premiere Elements 15 release has just been seen today October 5, 2016 online. Some initial findings on the release were noted at

Full "First Look" details of the new release will be focused on in this blog post. Besides the details of the new release, comparison of it to the prior version (14/14.1) will be made in depth - "What is New" and "What Is the Same".

Premiere Elements 15 Windows 64 bit is currently being downloaded from the Adobe web site.
It appears to be a 2 GB file named PremiereElements_15_LS31_win64.exe. At Internet speed of 4.6 MB/second, the completion of the download took less than 10 minutes. Download was from
(to see Premiere Elements 15 on that download page, click on "view all available free trials" at bottom left)

Coming soon.



Today October 11, 2016 let us begin the First Look of the Premiere Elements 15 tryout (using Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit which Adobe lists as compatible with Premiere Elements 15).

Premiere Elements 15 First Look Details to follow will include
PART 1. New And Different
PART 2. Export And Share
PART 3. Content
In the course of this First Look, comparisons will be made to the prior version named Premiere Elements 14/14.1. This report will be entered in these PARTS in installments. This will be a work in progress until this blog post is labelled as completed.

The tryout was installed on October 5th, and a new project opened to its Expert workspace. No work was done in that initial project. When the tryout was opened to a new project today October 11th, Premiere Elements 15 tryout gave the message that Premiere Elements 15 was not working. A run through with the cleaner part of  the free ccCleaner appeared to resolve the issue so that I could begin the First Look. 

PART 1. 
New And Different

1. Workspaces 
The 15 and 14.1 workspace headers are the same eLive, Quick, Guided, and Expert.
The actual 15 Guided workspace has been sectioned into Basic, Video Adjustments, Audio Adjustments, and Fun Edits.

  • Get started
  • Trim & split clips
  • Add Transitions between clips
  • Add Title to your movie  
Video Adjustments
  • Fix Brightness, Color & Contrast 
  • Color Pop 
  • Animate Graphics 
  • Add Adjustment Layer  NEW
Audio Adjustments
  • Add Narration 
  • Add a music score 
Fun Edits
  • Add a Video in Title 
  • Create Slow or Fast Motion Effect
  • Create a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 
  • Apply an Effects Mask
Besides the lessons being categorized, there appears to be one more lesson in 15 as compared to 14/14.1. New in 15 seems to be "Add Adjustment Layer" (thus 14 lessons in 15 and 13 lessons in 14/14.1).

2. Expert Workspace
a. The Edit area monitor's bounding box (image's blue outline) is now allowed to be seen outside as well inside the area of the monitor space.  This was not true for Premiere Elements 14/14.1.

b. The bottom horizontal options bar of 14/14.1 (Tools, Transitions, Titles & Text, Effects, Music, and Graphics) is gone and replaced with a vertical bar with Fix, Edit, and Add sections displaying on the right edge of the workspace.

  • Icon for access to Smart Fix, Shake Reduction, Auto Smart Tone, Color, Color (RGB), Gamma Correction), Lighting, Temperature and Tint, Volume, Balance, Treble, Bass, Audio Gain...this icon looks the same as the Adjust Tab icon used in 14/14.1.
  • Icon for access to Video/Freeze Frame, Movie Menu, Pan & Zoom, Smart Trim, Time Remapping, Favorite Moments, Motion Tracking; Audio/Audio Mix, Narration, Smart Mix...this icon looks the same as the Tools Tab icon used in 14/14.1.
  • Icon for access to Motion Palette and Opacity Palette...this icon contains the graphics of fx and pen and was not seen previously.
  • Icon for access to Video and Audio fx Effects...this icon looks the same as the fx Effects Tab icon used in 14/14.1.
  • Icon for access to Video and Audio Transitions...this icon looks the same as the Transitions Tab icon used in 14/14.1.
  • Icon for access to the Motion Titles and Classic Titles...this icon looks the same as the Titles & Text Tab icon used in 14/14.1.
  • Icon for access to Music Scores and Sound Effects...this icon looks the same as the Music Tab icon used in 14/14.1.
  • Icon for access to Graphics...this icon uses a smiley face whereas a boat was used for the Graphics Tab icon in 14/14.1.
No way has been found so far to reorient the bar from vertical right to bottom horizontal (neither in Preferences nor mouse maneuvers).  In "b", going from 14/14.1 to 15, choices appear to be relocated rather than discontinued. More on this in the CONTENT PART.

c. The major headers are the same in 15 as in 14/14.1 (Add Media, Projects Assets, Create, and Export & Share). However, 15 now has a new feature "Video Collage" which joins 14/14.1's choices of Video Story and Instant Movie under the Create major header. See HERE for initial details of this Video Collage feature. First Looks suggests that these Video Collages created in the feature can be saved as a .vc file to the hard drive or sent to the project's Timeline, or sent to Export & Share. These vc files appear to be usable in 15 only. More "Video Collage" information coming later in this blog post.
Note: The Elements Organizer 15 still has the Create Menu/Slideshow option including a Save to 720p or 1080p mp4 file with AVCHD format or to Facebook. Adobe has not gone back to the Elements Organizer format/layout seen in Premiere Elements 12/12.1 and earlier.

d. For all intense and purposes the menus and their choices at the top left of the Expert workspace (File, Edit, Clip, Timeline, Text, Tools, Window, and Help) are the same in 15 and 14/l4.1. The only exception found so far is the inclusion of a "Reveal Logs Folder" choice under the Help Menu in 15.

3. Quick Workspace
The 15 Quick and Expert workspace both deviate from 14/14.1 in that both workspaces have
  • 14, not 13, Guided lessons
  • The bottom horizontal options are replaced with options displaying in a vertical bar on the right edge of the workspace.
4. Question Mark Icon To Right Of Marker Setting Area Of Expert And Quick Workspaces 
Both the Expert and Quick workspaces show a question mark icon to the right of the marker setting area. Clicking on the icon takes the user
In Expert workspace
Adobe Premiere Elements Help/Arranging Clips in the Expert View Timeline 

In Quick workspace
Adobe Premiere Elements Help/Arranging Clips in the Quick View Timeline

5. Camera Raw
The Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 and Adobe Premiere Elements 15 tryouts were each received with Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw with the option to update to Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 9.7. See Premiere Elements 15 Help Menu/Updates.

6. "What's New" In 15 According To An Adobe Web Page Description. 
Access to the new fx effect "Haze Removal" can be found via the right vertical bar's Edit section/fx icon/Video/Advanced Adjustments. Adjustments for this and other fx effects can be accessed via that Edit section/icon for reviewing and editing Applied Effects. Adobe details of its Haze Removal fx effect can be found HERE.

The above covers "surface" areas of the program. In what follows, a First Look will be taken into the deeper aspects of the Premiere Elements 15 features and workflows.
Last edit made October 14, 2016.

Export & Share

For all intents and purposes the Export & Share down to the export choices and export default settings of 15 is the same as for 14/14.1. Consequently, refer and use the already detailed 14/14.1 Export & Share information. Premiere Elements 14 First look PART 2 - EXPORT & SHARE (Quick Edit, Devices, Discs, Online, Audio, Image) is found HERE. A minor exception is that 15's Export & Share/Online/YouTube has choices of 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, or 640 x 480 upload; whereas 14/14.l has Export & Share/Online/YouTube uses upload of 1920 x 1080, 1440 x 1080, or 640 x 480.

The Export & Share headers, export choices, and default settings have been looked at one for one 15 versus 14/14.1 and found the same. This 15 First Look has not gotten into whether or not 15 Export & Share exports work worse, the same, or better than 14/14.1.


Movie Menus
Tools Menu/Movie Menu

The movie menu choices are the same in 15 and 14/14.1. Consequently see the Premiere Elements 14 First Look blog details for this already described content.

Instant Movie Themes
Create/Instant Movie

The Instant Movie theme choices are the same in 15 and 14/14.1. Consequently see the Premiere Elements 14 First Look blog details for this already described content.
Like 14/14.1, version 15 continues to use the flawed Instant Movie theme named Outdoor Adventure. This theme is characterized by scattered footage of colorful media offline message. See HERE for our suggested how to fix this issue.

Right Vertical Bar/Edit Section/Icon For Access To Transitions

The Video and Audio transition selection are the same in 15 and 14/14.1. Access to these transition can be via the right vertical bar and its icon for transition under the Edit section there.

fx Effects
Right Vertical Bar/Edit Section's fx Icon

Video and Audio fx Effects of 15 appear to be the same as for 14/14.1 with the exception of introduction of the fx effect named Haze Removal in 15. See 15's right vertical bar's Edit section/icon for fx Effects and icon for viewing and editing fx Effects.

Music (Music Scores and Sound Effects)
Right Vertical Bar/Add Section Music Icon

The Music Scores and Sound Effects choices appear to be the same in 15 and 14/14.1 and are accessed in 15 via the right Vertical Bar/Add Section/icon for music.

 Graphics (Clip Arts)

The graphics (clip arts) choices appear to be the same in 15 and 14/14.1 and are accessed in 15 via the right Vertical Bar/Add Section/smiley face for the Graphics Tab icon.

Titles or Text
Right Vertical Bar/Add Section

The Classic Titles choices appear to be the same in 15 and 14/14.1 with regard to design of choice as well as its file name. In the case of the comparison of 15 and 14/14.1 Motion Titles comparison, "Same" except for
  • a missing "lower third" file for Motion Title/Fun/Sports in 15
  • difference between 15 and 14/14.1 with regard to file name for same file presenting in each (See Motion Titles/Fun or Decorative/motion title thumbnails and associated file names
  • question about Custom category appearance in the Motion Titles list of Contempory, Decorative, Formal, Geometric, Typography, "Custom". 
The Elements Organizer 15 and 14/14.1 Create/Slideshow feature have the same format which is unlike that which Adobe uses in Premiere Elements 12/12.1 and earlier. The 7 Elements Organizer Slideshow theme are the same for 15 and 14/14.1 (Classic Dark, Array, The Minimalist, Memories, Album, Party Poppers, and Holiday Season.


Significant similarities between 15 and 14/14.1 seem striking. So why a Premiere Elements 15 First Look when the point back for details is to Premiere Elements 14/14.1 First Look? It is being decided whether or not to end the 15 First Look and then target the individual Premiere Elements 15 workflows in order to determine the depth of the 15 and 14/14.1 similarities. Although the "same", does the same feature in each of these versions work better, worst, or the same?

To be continued....


Premiere Elements 15 Daily Discoveries


Announcement of the release of Premiere Elements 15 was just seen online.
This blog post "Premiere Elements 15 Daily Discoveries" is the companion blog for Premiere Elements 15 First Look found HERE.

Work in progress.

Full details coming soon.


Let Us Begin....October 15, 2016.


001. Helpful Links
Learn & Support/Adobe Premiere Elements Help 

Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Help PDF

Adobe Premiere Elements/Download Adobe Premiere Elements 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 
Note: Although the link title here does not include downloads for versions 9 and 8, there appears to be downloads for versions 9 and 8 included at this location.

Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order 
Note: Read link content carefully, and confirm with seller. Best interpretation of link is full return within 30 days of Adobe Premiere Elements 15 purchase from Adobe direct. If interpretation is correct, it looks like Adobe's return past history on this has gone from 30 to 14 and currently back to 30 days for the Premiere Elements 15 product.

Adobe Premiere Elements Help / What's new in Adobe Premiere Elements 15?

002. Movie Menu "Outdoor Adventure"
The Movie Menu named Outdoor Adventure continues to be flawed with patches of media offline footage. See HERE for details.

003. The "Best Fit" Automatic Setting Of Adobe Project Presets In 15 Versus 14/14.1.
  • The Adobe NTSC and PAL project presets are the same for 15 and 14/14.1
  • There is no place during the program installation for user to set for a NTSC or PAL TV Format
  • If an imported video's properties do not match one of the existing Adobe project presets, the program grabs a "closest fit" project preset rather than defaulting to NTSC AVCHD Full HD1080i30 project preset as it did in earlier versions of Premiere Elements. Version 15 and 14/14.1 appear to behave the same in this regard. See HERE for more details on "closest fit" and "default" project presets.
004. The 4K Sizes 4096 x 2160 (Adobe project preset not available) And 3840 x 2160 (Adobe project preset available).

Premiere Elements supports H.264 4K 3840 x 2160, but not 4096 x 2160. To suggested way for editing 4K 4096 x 2160 video
  • set the project preset manually (File Menu/New/Project) to the 3840 x 2160 (NTSC AVCHD- QFHD-16 x 9 29.99)
  • and, at export, use Export & Share/Device/Custom (including Advanced Settings for H.264, Square Pixels, 4096 x 2160 with width and height not linked), Profile = High, Level = 5.2.

005. Premiere Elements 15: The Imported Audio Clip's Duration Displayed In Project Assets And In The Timeline

The details in the blog post "PE 12: Audio Display Formats - Audio Samples and Milliseconds" found HERE applies to Premiere Elements 12 through 15. Consequently, please refer to that blog's Table named Premiere Elements 12 for 15 data.

The user is accustomed to video clip duration displaying in the format 00;00;00;00 (hours;minutes;seconds;frames). In contrast, audio clip duration displaying as 00;03;20;38880 or 00;03;20.881 is pointed to and discussed.

006. Expanded Search Field for Elements 15 eLive.

eLive previously offered Search using drop down list of categories for Everything, Inspire, Learn, and News. Now in version 15 is found Search with type in field as well as the choice categories of Inspire, Learn, and New in a drop down list. See HERE.

007. Music Remix Feature - New to Premiere Elements 15 - User Music (Non Adobe Music Score) Duration Increased Or Decreased "Without Losing The Continuity Of The Audio Content".

See HERE. Separate blog post will be devoted to this topic soon. First look at this feature suggests that the User Music needs to be dragged to the Music Track (not Audio Track) for this to work.

Work in progress.


Friday, September 30, 2016

PE: More Video Effects Ideas Borrowed From Asian Movies


As mentioned in some prior blog posts here, I have become a fan of the South Korean K-dramas aired on the TV there as well as South Korean movies. These movies and K-dramas were seen in the USA at the free web site

Of particular interest viewing these offerings are
  • the work's special effects in the K-drama's and movie's opening and closing credits
  • and if and how these special effects can be created by and applied to our Premiere Elements home movies.
In the course of viewing that web site, some unusual opening credits in a TV series from Japan (Hapiman: Happy Marriage!?) caught my attention. Its opening credit features whole photos and/or an individual cut out of a photo or freeze frame from video introduced in the opening credits with a small white border. See Episode 12 opening credits for that TV series found HERE.


Can this white border for the individual being introduced be produced for one of our Premiere Elements home movies' opening and/or closing credits? I envisioned the answer as Yes using
selection of individual and white stroking (about 20 px) in Photoshop Elements followed by import of the result as psd into a Premiere Elements project.


Refer to video

One basic idea for how to for photo with white border.

The photo with the white border where Jose's mother is preparing him for the event was created in the Premiere Elements 14/14.1 project's Titler using Text Menu/New Text/Default Text.
With the Titler opened, first Text Menu/Image/Add Image to bring in the photo from its hard drive save location. Photo was then scaled down and positioned. With the Titler still opened, Shape Section/Rectangular Tool was used to draw a white rectangle larger over the photo, and then the photo was scaled/positioned. Then Titler's Section Tool to select the white rectangle, followed by Text Menu/Arrange/Send Backward. The Titler Selection Tool was then used to position photo (which is now in front of the white rectangle to give even white borders around the photo.

One basic idea for how to for Jose's figure with white borders.

Party photo (or freeze frame from party video) of Jose was taken into Photoshop Elements 10 Editor where he was selected with the project's Quick Selection Tool. Control J was used to place this selection on a layer by itself in the Layer's Palette. Then Edit Menu/Stroke (Outline) Selection was used to apply the white border around the Jose figure.
Edit Menu
Stroke (Outline) Selection
Stroke set at about 20 px
Location = Outside
Blending, Mode = Normal
Opacity = 100%
Preserve Transparency - left unchecked
It is important not to layer the white border in attempts to decide on the wanted Stroke Width. Either put the Stroke on a separate layer then the selection or use the layer for the selection and use Undo to remove the unwanted Stroke size before applying a suitable Stroke size.
The selection with the white stroke is saved as psd and imported into the Premiere Elements project via Add Media/Files and Folders.


The Premiere Elements 14/14.1 Expert workspace can be seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Premiere Elements 14/14.1 Expert Workspace For White Border Effect Described In This Blog Post. Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 Bit Used.


Further work on this idea will be postponed for now in order to give time to the new Premiere Elements 15 release first look and daily discovery October blog posts. As time permits, this white borders blog post will be revisited and edited further.