Friday, May 17, 2013

PE11: No Content Disc - Content Downloads from Adobe

Premiere Elements 11 Content (Clip Arts, DVD Templates, Movie Themes, Title Templates)


Premiere Elements Content (versions 7, 8, 9, and 10) has always been available online as free download for the user who opted to purchase Premiere Elements program as a download from Adobe. That Content download is subject to the liabilities of Internet Access and Internet Speeds as well as Adobe Server status. In addition this process is not automatic in that the downloaded folders and files do need extra step to get them into their Premiere Elements home on the hard drive.
One of the perks of the box packaging purchase was that it came with a Content disc which made the Content installation quick and easy. There is no longer a Content disc that comes with the box packaging purchase of Premiere Elements 11, leaving all with a labored process of getting all the Content downloaded with an automatic install from within the opened project.

Affected areas in the program interface include Graphics Tab for Clip Arts,Tools Menu or Tools Tab /Movie Menu for DVD Templates, the Instant Movie Tab for Movie Themes, and the Titles & Text Tab for Titles Templates . Each location has thumbnails for its choices, each having a blue bar at the top right corner of the thumbnail, indicating that the essential files for the choice need to be downloaded from Adobe to the computer hard drive home in order for the asset to be available and functional.The user is supposed to right click the thumbnail and select "Download Now" (for a particular thumbnail) or "Download All" - All representing all for the particular area that the user is in, either Graphics, Tools/Movie Menu, Instant Movie, or Titles & Text.) Can take a long time.

This type of downloaded Content has a unique home location on the hard drive. In Window 7  or 8 64 bit, the path is:

Local Disk C
Program Data
Premiere Elements
and the Online Folder contains the folders for Clips Arts, DVD Templates, Movie Themes, and Title Templates.

As one example of the situation, the "DVD Templates" at installation of version 11 has all, except one DVD Template, in the Program Data location cited above. In the Program Data location before a particular Content download, each theme folder is incomplete, including a bunch of .png files for the theme plus a previously not seen in prior version metadata.xml file. After the Content download from Adobe, this folder then completes, including the .psd file, file named Downloaded.txt, and those other assets required for use of the disc menu.

The only exception to this DVD Template situation is in the Disc Menu category Slideshows for its theme Pan and Zoom. That comes ready to go in another location. No downloading required. Adobe location for this is:

Local Disk C
Program Files
Adobe Premiere Elements 11
DVD Templates
and in the Common Folder is the Slideshow category folder which contains the Pan and Zoom theme Folder which contains the assets for the Pan and Zoom theme

As an aside for user customizing an existing DVD Template or creating new one from scratch for Premiere Elements 11, the Common Folder in the above Program Files path would be the folder in which to place a new category folder/new theme folder/ with new theme folder containing the new theme's required files.


The question is how best to deal with this forced Premiere Elements 11 Content download from Adobe process, especially in a situation involving program plus Content installation on a second computer or the program plus Content installation after an uninstall from a computer.


The suggested solution is to do the Content download from Adobe from within Premiere Elements for first program install and then replace the incomplete Online Folder of the second program install with the completed Online Folder of the first program install.


The "Online Folder (complete)" is expected to have about a 6 GB file size, so, if All is wanted (Clips Arts, DVD Templates, Movie Themes, and Title Templates), a 8 GB USB 2.0 or 3.0 Flash Drive is recommended for storage and transfer of a copy of the "Online Folder (complete)".

Then it becomes a matter of replacing the "Online Folder (incomplete)" of the second program install with the "Online Folder (complete)" of the first program install.