Saturday, May 6, 2017

PE: Copy Paste Opportunities Overview


Various copy/paste Timeline opportunities exist within a Premiere Elements* project, such as, "Copy/Paste", "Copy/Paste Insert", and "Copy/Paste Effects and Attributes" (which is just called Paste Attributes for Premiere Elements 10 and earlier) . Also, using 3rd party software such as ClipMate, there is a possibility of "Copy/Paste Insert between different Premiere Elements projects. See HERE.


Because of the popularity and interest of the Premiere Elements user, it was decided to do a quick overview on the subject of Premiere Elements copy/paste Timeline opportunities using Premiere Elements 15 Windows 64 bit for this quick overview.


Timeline Titles
When a title is created in the project's Titler, a title clip is placed automatically in Project Assets as well as in Timeline at the position of the Timeline Indicator. If copies of this Timeline or Project Assets title clip are created, same edits of one of the copies will simultaneously take place in all of those copies for that particular title clip.

One workaround is to go to the title clip in Project Assets, right click that title clip, select Duplicate from the drop down pop up. Then drag the Duplicate (example automatically named Title 01 copy)  from Project Assets to the Timeline, double click the Duplicate on the Timeline to open the Titler where further edits can be performed without altering the original (example automatically named here Title 01).
Interesting...if a title clip's copies are created in Project using right clip/drop down menu Copy then Paste, the copied title clip will behave like the "Duplicate" described above; however the copy will have the same name as the original, that is, Title 01, and not Title 01 Copy. Consequently, title clip naming management may be a consideration.

Timeline Contents (non Titles)

The Copy/Paste Effects and Attributes for a given Timeline clip will copy "all" effects and attributes of one clip to another. In order to give some sort of specificity to this situation, few examples for one to consider
  • if an effect is based in Applied Effects**, copy that effect's panel there and paste that into Applied Effects for the second clip.
  • if a keyframing effect is involved, copy of the original keyframing can be done by copying the keyframes in the expanded Adjustments area*** revealed by using that area's "Show/hide keyframe controls" icon.

Between Projects Copying Maintaining Timeline Content, Transitions And Audio

ClipMate (Windows Only, current version 7.5.26) in conjunction with Premiere Elements 15 Windows performs essentially as with Premiere Elements 14/14.1 Windows with regard to Edit Menu/Capture Special with selections of PProAE/Exchange/Track Item and PPro/MZ/Cooke. The major difference between 15 and 14/14.1/ClipMate is that Narrations and Soundtracks go to the Timeline's Voice and Music tracks respectively of the Paste Insert project and not to upper tracks of the Paste Insert project. Important: See HERE for history on ClipMate/Premiere Elements.


Work in progress.

* Premiere Elements was run on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit.
**See right vertical bar Edit/Applied Effects icon/at top right "Show/hide keyframe controls".
***See right vertical bar Fix/Adjust icon/Adjustments/at top right "Show/hide keyframe controls".
****Also see
Arranging clips in the Quick view timeline/Copy and paste clips in the Quick view timeline 
Arranging clips in the Expert view timeline