Thursday, September 5, 2013

PE11: Keyboard Shortcuts


Premiere Elements 4 through 11* offer Keyboard Customization  with Application and Windows categories, each filled with program functions with and without Adobe assigned keyboard shortcuts. All can be customized

The distinction between the Application and Windows categories is that Application is categorized according to the menus of the Premiere Elements workspace ( for version 11, File, Edit, Clip, Timeline, Text, Action Bar, Tools, Window, and Help); whereas Windows is categorized according to the Windows of Premiere Elements (for version 11, Narration, Capture Window, Disc Layout Window, Properties Window, History Window, Monitor Window, Media Window, Sceneline Window, and Timeline window).

The Keyboard Customization* (default) listings found in Premiere Elements 11 Edit Menu/Keyboard Customization are: 



more Clip

           more Text
more Help



more Monitor Window

*General Notes.

Since Premiere Elements 11 does not have a Freeze Frame (camera looking) icon under the Edit
Mode Monitor as does earlier versions, I have assigned the letter G to Freeze Frame (Applications/
Help) for quick access to the Freeze Frame dialog in Expert workspace. (I borrowed it from another function that I do not use.)

In Applications/Tools, the Time Stretch Command is Ctrl + R; whereas in Windows/Timeline Window/ a Time Stretch Command is listed there as X.  I have gotten the Time Stretch Ctrl + R to work to bring up the Time Stretch dialog, but to date have not been successful using Time Stretch X for this purpose.

The Slide Clip and Slip Clip Functions and Commands in Windows/Timeline Window caught my attention. And, I wondered about their possible relationship to the Premiere Pro Slide and Slip edits
In Premiere Elements there is no Slide Tool or Slip Tool as in Premiere Pro, just those Slide and Slip functions with commands tucked away in the Premiere Elements Keyboard Customization/Windows/Timeline Window area.  Interestingly, some of the Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements Slide and Slip Commands involved are the same. But, even some Premiere Pro Slide and Slip Commands which are not identical to those in Premiere Elements appear to work in Premiere Elements. All this needs more defining in a future blog post after more exploration and experimentation of Slide and Slip as listed under Premiere Elements Edit Menu/Keyboard Customization/Windows/Timeline Window.

Update September 17, 2013.
More information on Slide and Slip Edits is found in the later blog post titled PE11: Slide and Slip Edits.

Update January 30, 2014
Premiere Elements 4 through 11 Keyboard Shortcuts details present the same for the current version 12, with the minor exceptions as noted in item "0016. Premiere Elements 12 Keyboard Shortcuts" in the ongoing blog post titled "Premiere Elements 12 Daily Discoveries"

Update October 20, 2014
Important Corrrection Keyboard Customization PART 2 WINDOWS. See corrections in below.
Command was not placed by me on correct line for just these 4 functions (was off by one line).
Sorry about that. Just noticed this in cross checking Premiere Elements 11, 12, and 13 Keyboard Customization functions and commands.