Sunday, October 13, 2013

PE 7, 8, 9,10: Content Download


Frequently questions are popping up on how to download and install the Content Download for the older programs, Premiere Elements 7, 8, 9, or 10. In an attempt to put some of these questions to rest, the following blog post addresses the matter. 

Premiere Elements 7, 8, 9, and 10 Content is available
  • as a free download, clicking on the "Reduced Content" message in the opened Premiere Elements project to get to the above link
  • using the Content installation disc that came with the boxed purchase of the version involved
There is no opportunity to download Content from within the program as there is in versions 11 and 12. See May 2013 blog post.

The focus of this blog post on the free Content download from the Adobe link. Depending on the Internet connection, the "AllContent" download time from that link can be several hours. But, blocks of Content rather than the whole can be selected for download from the Adobe link. According to the download site, the "AllContent" size is
Premiere Elements 10
Windows 2.95 GB, Mac 3.17 GB

Premiere Elements 9
Windows 4.18 GB, Mac 3.66 GB

Premiere Elements 8
Windows 3.68 GB

Premiere Elements 7
Windows 2.88 GB

The Akamai NetSession Download Manager which appears to be required for these downloads can be problematic, especially with regard to firewalls.


How to navigate successfully the details of the Content download from the Adobe site


The solution to the stated issue was sought by actually going through the Content download for Premiere Elements 10 Windows and noting each phase of the operation leading to a successful install of AllContent.


General Notes

The essential considerations for downloading and installing the Premiere Elements 10 Content without the Content installation disc include:

  • Work with the firewalls off or give permission for the Akamai NetSession Manager. The computer used gave a message about its blocking of components of this Akamai NetSession Manager.  This Manager can create problems, but it is required for the process relating to "Reduced Content..."
    • The same download site results whether typing the cited URL in the browser or responding to the Reduced Content message within the opened project. But, use the URL typed into browser route to the download site. If problems, go to another browser. The browser used in this demo is Mozilla Firefox version 24. The computer in use is Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit.

    Step by Step 
    (Starting with the Premiere Elements 10 Content downloaded with the firewalls off.)

    STEP 1
    Premiere Elements 10 Content downloaded with directive to "Open after Download".

    STEP 2

    STEP 3

    STEP 4
    Launch Adobe Premiere Elements Content - Clicked Finished.

    Permission "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? Adobe Systems Incorporated " -  Clicked Yes.

    STEP 6
    Language dialog - Clicked OK.

    STEP 7
    Installation Wizard dialog. Clicked Next.

    STEP 8
    Software License Agreement dialog. Clicked Accept.

    STEP 9
    Dialog showed each of the Content groups

    Content 1
    Content 2
    Content 3
    HD content 1
    HD content 2
    HD content 3

    A check mark was left next to each since the goal was AllContent. - Clicked Next. 

    STEP 10
    Viewed Setup C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\ - Clicked Next.

    STEP 11
    Ready to Install Message. - Clicked Install.

    STEP 12
    Viewed Installing Adobe Premiere Elements Content dialog via progress status install bar.

    STEP 13
    InstallShield Wizard Complete message. - Clicked Finished.

    The installation automatically placed all the Content folders and files in the correct default hard drive locations. And, the Control Panel installed programs area now listed "Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Content - 1.23 GB."

    Because the download can be so time consuming, a backup of the Premiere Elements Content download should be considered, either using the folders and files as downloaded or copies of the installed folders and files on the hard drive. If the installed folders and files, make sure to identify and copy all for the Instant Movie Themes, DVD Templates, Title Templates. Remember that the Title Templates have text .prtl and graphic components which are not stored on the hard drive in the same place. More on the latter another time.

    Depending on computer resources and download time, it may be advisable to download one or two of the Content groups at one time rather than AllContent (6).