Thursday, June 27, 2013

PE11: Forget Me Not Clip Details and Timeline Unnumbered Markers


Often in Premiere Elements one creates an effect, thinks it looks great, and wants to repeat it, but forgets what he/she used to create the effect and neglected to write down the details. An assist in this type of situation can come from checking out the Applied Effects Palette* and the effect's panel that was created there when the effect was applied to the clip. This is the case when the fX effect Image Control is applied to a Timeline clip. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Applied Effects Palette/Image Control Panel After Application Of fX Effect Image Control To Timeline Clip.

But that is not always the case. One example being the application of a PiP (Picture in Picture) effect to a clip. There is no PiP panel to be found in Applied Effects Palette* or anywhere else for the user to refer back to for the choice made.


Two possibly inviting solutions to the "forget me not clip details" are

  • deduction by observing the effect 
  •  using the comments dialog associated with the placement of an unnumbered marker on the Timeline.


Deduction By Observing The Effect

Example, if PiP Effect was applied to clip (See fX Effects/Presets/PiPs)

1. Observe the applied PiP effect with regard to
  •  Size 25% versus 40% (relative size will do, only two sizes offered)
  •  The final destination for the PiP effect
  •  The action of the PiP effect (Slide, Spin, Scale; In, Out, Top, Bottom, Right, Left)

2. Type in the observed information into the search field of  the Presets area. Refer Figure 2.

Figure 2. Presets Search Field.

If the points below were found by observation, start typing the following in order given for the bold type in the points listed below
  • PiP is the type 
  • Size would be 40%
  • Final  destination would be LL (lower left)
  • Action of PiP would be Spin In Top
consequently the PiP 40% LL Spin In Top would be targeted in the PiP display of choices.

Use The Comments Dialog Associated With The Placement Of An Unnumbered Marker On The Timeline

Example, if PiP Effect was applied to clip....

1. Move the Timeline Indicator to the Timeline location where the unnumbered marker is to be placed (in this example, at the beginning of the Timeline @ 00;00;00;00. Then place the marker using the Marker path of Timeline Marker/Set Timeline Marker/Unnumbered as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Setting Timeline Unnumbered Marker.
The Timeline unnumbered marker placed is shown close up in Figure 4.

Figure 4. Timeline Unnumbered Marker (Blue) Placed.

2. Double click the Timeline unnumbered marker to open its dialog in which can be typed details and comments about the clip, including those for the PiP 40% LL Spin In Top. See Figure 5.

Figure 5. Time Unnumbered Marker Dialog For Details And Comments Entries.

*For Premiere Elements versions prior to 11, the involved areas would include Properties Palette instead of Applied Effects Palette, and an Effects Palette which displays at its top (to the right of the image thumbnail) a list of the effects applied the the clip. Further, the use of Timeline unnumbered marker and its dialog for clip details and comments can be seen at least back to Premiere Elements 4.