Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PE: Color Matte Color Matching Experimenting


A user asked if there was a way in Premiere Elements to match the color of an item in a photo or video with Color Matte being used in the same project. For example, creating a Color Matte with the same color as a red rose in a jpg photo.


Use of the Color Replace effect under Premiere Elements 12 Windows fx Effects/Image Control/Color Replace was explored as a means to achieve the Color Matte color which matched that of the rose in the jpg photo.


1. Given you have a Timeline photo showing a red rose whose red color you want to capture in a Color Matte from Project Assets/View/New Items/Color Matte.

2. Photo on Video Track 1. Side by side a Color Matte (any color, light green for this example).

3. Select the Timeline Color Matte clip and, from fx Effects drag in the effect Image Control/Color Replace into the Color Matte clip.

4. Then, with the Color Matte clip selected go to Applied Effects Tab/Applied Effects Palette/Color Replace Panel expanded. (Keep away from the Setup icon on the Color Replace Panel.)

5. Keep the Color Matte clip highlighted (selected), and move the Timeline Indicator to the left to be on the photo clip which is NOT SELECTED.

IMPORTANT: At this point, the photo is not selected, but the Timeline Indicator is positioned on it so that the photo is displayed in the monitor. The Color Matte is selected so that the Color Replace Panel expanded is visible to the right.

6. With the mouse cursor, left click once on JUST the eyedropper for the Replace Color option in the expanded part of the Color Replace Panel. Move the mouse cursor (which presents as an eyedropper) over to the red rose on the Edit Mode monitor screen and click once on the rose in a representative spot.

7. Now move the Timeline Indicator to the right to be on the Color Matte clip which still has its original color. Go to the Setup Icon in the Color Replace Panel.
  • put a check mark next to Solid Color
  • move the Similarity slider to the left to achieve the color match (in this example, the setting was 72)

The Color Matte clip was scaled down and moved to a position directly over the photo with the rose for a closer color comparison.

Figure 1. Color Comparison Of Color Matte Red Color From Red Color Of Rose In Photo.
Note that although the Color Matte displays on screen as red. It is still represented in the Timeline with its original green color since what is on the Timeline traces back to the original which is light green.

More on this another time. Need more sampling to determine usefulness of all this.