Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PE12: Adobe ID/Password Requirement for Sign In.


Recently a Premiere Elements 12 Windows user wanted to know whether it was necessary to Sign In to the program with an Adobe ID and Password in order to use the program. My recollection was generally No, but there are certain features (Adobe Revel for example) where the Adobe ID and Password are required to use the feature. However, my recollection and what is written in the Adobe document (part about Registration not being mandatory) were found to be flawed.


To refresh the memory on those details, Premiere Elements 12 was deactivated on one Windows  computer and installed on another. A close look at the step by step process of the installation on the second computer revealed the following.

There was no request for an Adobe ID and Password from the initiation of the installation process to the Finish, followed by the request to Restart the computer. However, after the computer Restart, a Sign In Request dialog appeared when trying to create a Premiere Elements 12 project via Video Editor/New Project in the Welcome Screen.
At this point, I had to Sign In with my Adobe ID and Password in order to use the program. The specific message reads

Sign In Required
Signing in with an Adobe ID and registering Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is required within 7 days otherwise it will stop working. 
Enter Adobe ID to register your product.

I did not see any OR possibilities for "Signing in" Adobe ID/Password versus Registration.

If and when the user wants to deactivate the program for any reason, Help Menu/Sign Out is used for that purpose in place of the Help Menu/Deactivate seen in versions of Premiere Elements earlier than 12. Once the program is deactivated on its computer, the program cannot be used again without the Adobe ID and Password as part of the Signing In protocol. A connection to Internet is required whether Signing In or Signing Out.


1. Insert Disc, Run AutoPlay.exe, User Account Control dialog. Yes.

2. "Install Adobe Premiere Elements 12" Panel and selection of that Panel.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements 12 - InstallShield Wizard, English (United States). OK.

4. Preparing to install, Setup. Next.

5. License Agreement. Accept.

6. Setup - Customer Information
User Name (not Adobe ID)
Choice of "Install the trial version" or "I have a serial number. Install the licensed version".
Inserted the purchased serial number and clicked Next.

7. Setup NTSC TV Format or PAL TV Format. Selected NTSC TV Format and clicked Next.

8. Setup. Next.

9. Setup. Ready to Install the Program. Install.

10. Setup. Installing Adobe Premiere Elements 12.

11. Setup. InstallShield Wizard Completed. Finish.

12. Adobe Premiere Elements 12 - Setup. Restart Computer. Yes or No. Selected Yes.

13. After restart of computer, double clicked Desktop Premiere Elements 12 icon.

14. Welcome Screen appeared with Organizer and Video Editor choices. Selected Video Editor, followed by New Project.

15. Sign In Required Dialog appeared and the message was....
"Signing in with an Adobe ID and registering Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is required within 7 days otherwise it will stop work. Enter Adobe ID to register your product." Sign In Now.

16. Next, the Sign In dialog appeared, requesting
Adobe ID (Email Address)
and posting "Your credentials will be stored on this device."
Sign In

17. At this point, the program should open to the Premiere Elements 12 workspace. It did in my case but not without some problems. Please refer to "The Rest of the Story" section below.


Sign In Failures

In this study, Premiere Elements 12 installed on laptop Windows 8.1 64 bit was deactivated in order to go through the step by step looking for Adobe ID and Password requests in the installation process of the program on another computer, a laptop Window 7 64 bit. 

As it turned out, Premiere Elements 12 did not get beyond on the Sign In step on the second computer. Entering my Adobe ID and Password resulted in an endlessly spinning icon in the Sign In  dialog which developed a gray cast. Resetting the Password was tried. No success. Premiere Elements 12 was uninstalled from the second computer in the Control Panel area.

When I went back to Premiere Elements 12 on laptop Windows 8.1 64 bit, I could not sign in. Same syndrome, that is, after I entered my valid Adobe ID and Password, endlessly spinning icon in the dialog which developed a gray case.


I am not sure of the whys for what follows and if the following will ever help anyone else in a similar situation, but here is how I identified the problem and resolved it.

1. Window 8.1 64 bit Computer/Manage/Event Viewer and the following Error entry....
"The program PDApp.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center.

Log Name: Application
Source: Application hang
Event ID: 1002
Level: Error
User: N/A
Logged: 12/9/2013 9:24:25 PM
Task Category: (101)
Keywords: Classic
Computer: xxxxxx (x's for privacy)

Now the part to success...
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\Core\PDApp.exe

2. When I navigated to the location of the PDApp.exe and double clicked it, the Adobe Application Manager opened. It wanted to install a Camera Raw Update which I let it do.

3. When I tried the Premiere Elements 12 Sign In again, it worked without issue.



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