Wednesday, April 13, 2016

PE: Blu-ray Playback Navigation Issues


Playback* navigation for the Premiere Elements** disc products can be achieved by the setting of Timeline markers (Scene marker, Main menu marker, Stop marker) and selected Movie Menu theme before the burn to process. See HERE.

Although Stop markers function in the Movie Menu Preview before the Blu-ray or AVCHD burn to disc process, they have never functioned in the playback of the Blu-ray or AVCHD disc produced by the project. This finding is now well accepted, and Adobe includes in its current documentation "Note: Stop markers are used for DVD only"

This blog post points to the "what is" for playback navigation of the Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc as it relates to Timeline Scene markers and Movie Menu Scene Selection.


Playback Navigation of Blu-ray Disc Related to Scene Selection and "Return to Main Menu"

If Scene markers are placed in the Timeline content (video or stills) destined for burn to Blu-ray, the Movie Menu Preview presents as "expected"
  • "Play Movie" button selected on Main Menu, entire movie playback, "Return to Main Menu" at end
  • "Scenes" button selected on Main Menu, a scene selected in the Scene Selection page, playback of the movie from the point of the particular scene selected to the end, "Return to Main Menu" at end
Although the Main Menu "Play Movie" choice for the Blu-ray disc playback ends with "Return to Main Menu", this is not the case for the choice of  Main Menu "Scenes". Now is observed playback of the movie from the point of the particular scene selected to the end, "Return to Scene Selection" page with a highlight on the particular scene that had been selected.


Accept the Blu-ray "Scenes" as is situation.


Use Timeline Main Menu markers, instead of Scene markers, in order to eliminate the Scene Selection page and force a Main Menu page only set up - depends on how many Main Menu buttons per page that the Main Menu theme will accommodate.


Export the Premiere Elements Timeline to file to be taken into a 3rd party software for application of disc menus with Stop markers (or equivalent) and burn to disc.


In quest for a therapeutic rather than Stop Marker functional effect, application of Stop markers to the Timeline in this Blu-ray situation was found to have no affect on the Scene markers and this playback navigation behavior.

This "Scenes" and "Return to Scene Selection" page matter did not apply to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc or to AVCHD on DVD disc.

No prior reference was found related to the Blu-ray "Scenes" matter in spite of the fact that it appears to exist at least from Premiere Elements 10 through the current version 14/14.1. This matter was run into when preparing a forthcoming blog post which updates Premiere Elements and Blu-ray disc playback using the free VLC Media Player and free Media Player Classic HC x64.

* Playback as done using computer players (CyberLink Power DVD 9 and VLC Media Player v 2.2.1. Blu-ray drive was LG BH12L535, and Blu-ray disc was Verbatim BD-RE 25 GB disc.
** Study was done using Premiere Elements 14/14.1 on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit and Windows 10 Home 64 bit. Preliminary results suggest that this Blu-ray disc playback navigation "Scenes" matter exists for at least Premiere Elements 10, 11, 12/12.1, and 13/13.1 as well as 14/14.1.