Saturday, January 4, 2014

PE: Blu-ray Disc 25 GB and 50 GB Support


Recently a Premiere Elements 12 Windows user reported that burn to Blu-ray was successful when Verbatim BD-R 25 GB (single layer) was used but failed with use of Verbatim BD-R 50 GB (double layer). As an explanation for these results, he cited an Adobe document that stated
Adobe Premiere Elements supports only the single-layer Blu-ray format. 
Until now, we have only worked with the Verbatim single-layer Blu-ray discs in Premiere Elements and have had no problems with them.
BD-R 25 GB (6X)
BD-RE 25 GB (2X)

So, it was time to look at a Blu-ray 50 GB disc and Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc, comparing Verbatim BD-RE 25 GB (2X) with Verbatim BD-RE 50 GB (2X).

  • Was the Adobe statement a generic one that was never updated once Dual Layer 50 GB Blu-ray discs came into being?
  • Was the Premiere Elements 12 user's results with BD-R 50 GB related to computer resource issues which might be expected of a project large enough to warrant use of a BD-R 50 GB disc? 
  •  Is the Dual Layer Blu-ray (50 GB) disc just not compatible with Premiere Elements (any version)?


Solution to the issue was to see if a Verbatim BD-RE 50 GB (2X) disc could be used in the Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray.

Note: BD-RE discs, rather than BD-R discs, were selected for economical reasons in view of the multi mini test runs.


It was found that Verbatim BD-RE 50 GB (2X) could be used in the burn to Blu-ray for Premiere Elements 12, 11, 10, 9.0/9.0.1, 8.0/8.0.1, 7, and 4. A Verbatim BD-RE 25 GB (2X) was run as a control in each of these mini test runs which used the same protocol for within a version and from version to version. The Blu-ray/DVD burner was LG Internal BH12. The computer operating system was Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit.


Project preset for versions 12 to 7: NTSC/AVCHD/Full HD1080i30
Project preset for version 4: NTSC/HDV/HDV 1080i30 (earlier version with highest resolution 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9)

Sample: H.264.m2t (1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second); duration 1 minute 43 seconds.

Burn to Blu-ray preset for versions 12 to 7: H.264 1920 x 1080i NTSC Dolby
Burn to Blu-ray preset for version 4: H.264 1080i NTSC Dolby (earlier version with highest resolution 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9)

Table 1 shows, for each mini test run, the Space Required and Bitrate in the burn dialog Quality Area when the disc was in the Blu-ray drive and the same sample was on the Timeline for the burn to. No explanation is offered at this time for the lower Space Required readings for versions 9 to 4 as compared to 12 to 7 when the Timeline sample and burn dialog Bitrate remain the same.

Table 1. Results

The mini test runs in this evaluation did not support the Adobe document's statement:
Adobe Premiere Elements supports only the single-layer Blu-ray format

Premiere Elements 4 to 12 can make use of the Double Layer Blu-ray disc as well as the Single Layer Blu-ray disc as described above. A Premiere Elements large enough to require use of the Double Layer Blu-ray disc might fail to compromised resources rather than failure of the Double Layer Blu-ray brand/type to be supported by the burn process.


*The disc capacity shown on disc labels is not the "in reality" value. The article "What is Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD and HD DVD?" contains some convenient data on listed and usable disc capacity. In that article can be found a listing of Blu-ray disc information in this regard.

BD-R Single layer 25 GB (23.3 GB)
BD-R Dual layer 50 GB (46.6 GB)
BD-RE Single layer REwritable 25 GB (23.3 GB)
BD-RE Dual layer REwritable 50 GB (46.6 GB)
BD-XL Triple layer 100 GB (93.1 GB)
BD-XL Quadruple layer 128 GB (119.2 GB)


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