Friday, March 7, 2014

PE12: 12.1 Update Released


Today March 7, 2014 Adobe released the 12.1 Update for Photoshop Elements 12, Elements Organizer 12, and Premiere Elements 12. The description that came with the download for each was the same and did not give the specifics for the Update. In the case of Premiere Elements 12.1 Update, the message read

This update corrects a number of issues with Premiere Elements regarding stability and performance. It is suggested that all users upgrade.

The Adobe Application Manager is used to download this 12.1 Update.The stages of the Premiere Elements 12.1 Update download and installation are represented in Figures 1, 2, 3, and 4. The computer operating system in this example is Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit.

Figure 1. Initial Stage Of Adobe Premiere Elements 12.1 Update.

Figure 2. Downloading Stage Of Adobe Premiere Elements 12.1 Update

Figure 3. Uploading Stage Of Adobe Premiere Elements 12.1 Update.

At about the 44% mark of the Updating Stage, the updating stops and pops up the message to close Premiere Elements 12 which has remained open to that point.

Figure 4. Updating Stage Message To Close The Still Open Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Before Continuing On With The Adobe Premiere Elements 12.1 Update Installation.

Once Premiere Elements 12 is closed, followed by clicking the Continue button, the updating of Premiere Elements 12 to 12.1 goes to completion successfully.

Once the updating is completed, "12.1" can be found in Premiere Elements
Premiere Elements Workspace: Help Menu/About Adobe Premiere Elements
Elements Organizer Workspace: Help Menu/About Elements Organizer


Other than "...corrects a number of stabilility and performance issues...", it is not clear what the Adobe Engineers corrected in this 12.1 Update specific to Premiere Elements Editor. However, the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum is starting to offer insights into changes in Elements Organizer 12.1.

Premiere Elements 12.1 Text/Styles/Titler

1. March 10, 2014. We noted that the Premiere Elements 12.1 Update has corrected the known Expert workspace text Styles issue which has been preventing the user from editing Styles applied to text in the Titler. The Quick workspace never had the problem. The user to user fix before the 12.1 Update was to toggle between Expert and Quick workspaces to get "the editing Styles applied to text" done in the Titler. Finding was posted in Adobe Premiere Elements Forum today and confirmed by Forum's moderator.

Enhancement in Elements 12.1 Update According to Adobe

2. April 2, 2014. 


Several trying to install the 12.1 Update  have run into errors
U44M1P7 or U44M1P6 (for Mac)
U441P2003 (for Windows)

Resolutions to this issue are described by Adobe in the following KB article titled "Help/Update 12.1 installation erros/Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements"

Work In Progress