Friday, September 30, 2016

PE: More Video Effects Ideas Borrowed From Asian Movies


April 2, 2017. See Important Notice About Web Site Links Removed From This Blog After Blog Publication*

As mentioned in some prior blog posts here, I have become a fan of the South Korean K-dramas aired on the TV there as well as South Korean movies. These movies and K-dramas were seen in the USA at two different free web sites.

Of particular interest viewing these offerings are
  • the work's special effects in the K-drama's and movie's opening and closing credits
  • and if and how these special effects can be created by and applied to our Premiere Elements home movies.
In the course of viewing that web site, some unusual opening credits in a TV series from Japan (Hapiman: Happy Marriage!?) caught my attention. Its opening credit features whole photos and/or an individual cut out of a photo or freeze frame from video introduced in the opening credits with a small white border. See Episode 12 opening credits for that TV series Hapiman: Happy Marriage!?


Can this white border for the individual being introduced be produced for one of our Premiere Elements home movies' opening and/or closing credits? I envisioned the answer as Yes using
selection of individual and white stroking (about 20 px) in Photoshop Elements followed by import of the result as psd into a Premiere Elements project.


Refer to video

One basic idea for how to for photo with white border.

The photo with the white border where Jose's mother is preparing him for the event was created in the Premiere Elements 14/14.1 project's Titler using Text Menu/New Text/Default Text.
With the Titler opened, first Text Menu/Image/Add Image to bring in the photo from its hard drive save location. Photo was then scaled down and positioned. With the Titler still opened, Shape Section/Rectangular Tool was used to draw a white rectangle larger over the photo, and then the photo was scaled/positioned. Then Titler's Section Tool to select the white rectangle, followed by Text Menu/Arrange/Send Backward. The Titler Selection Tool was then used to position photo (which is now in front of the white rectangle to give even white borders around the photo.

One basic idea for how to for Jose's figure with white borders.

Party photo (or freeze frame from party video) of Jose was taken into Photoshop Elements 10 Editor where he was selected with the project's Quick Selection Tool. Control J was used to place this selection on a layer by itself in the Layer's Palette. Then Edit Menu/Stroke (Outline) Selection was used to apply the white border around the Jose figure.
Edit Menu
Stroke (Outline) Selection
Stroke set at about 20 px
Location = Outside
Blending, Mode = Normal
Opacity = 100%
Preserve Transparency - left unchecked
It is important not to layer the white border in attempts to decide on the wanted Stroke Width. Either put the Stroke on a separate layer then the selection or use the layer for the selection and use Undo to remove the unwanted Stroke size before applying a suitable Stroke size.
The selection with the white stroke is saved as psd and imported into the Premiere Elements project via Add Media/Files and Folders.


The Premiere Elements 14/14.1 Expert workspace can be seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Premiere Elements 14/14.1 Expert Workspace For White Border Effect Described In This Blog Post. Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 Bit Used.


Further work on this idea will be postponed for now in order to give time to the new Premiere Elements 15 release first look and daily discovery October blog posts. As time permits, this white borders blog post will be revisited and edited further.

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