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PE11: Mac Information Round Up


Although Premiere Elements 11* Windows and Mac have many of the same features, there are differences in some areas. I wanted to get a better handle on just what those differences are. Below are some of the highlights of an online search on the topic.

As it turned out, the Premiere Elements 11 Windows Mac differences search got complicated since there appears to be at least 3 species of Premiere Elements 11 Mac, that is, Premiere Elements 11 Mac (Adobe), Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Editor (Mac Only, Mac App Store), and Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Quick Editor (Mac Only, Mac App Store). So the reader is cautioned to view the following carefully with regard to the program that each of the following documents is applying to.



1. Mac App Store Comparison of Premiere Elements 11 (Windows Only), Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Editor (Mac Only), and Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Quick Editor (Mac Only).

2. Photoshop Elements Help/Elements Organizer 11 differences between Mac OS and Windows 

(Do not overlook because of Photoshop Elements in title. Both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements have the Elements Organizer.)

1. Photoshop Elements Help/Install Premiere Elements, Photoshop Elements 

2. Premiere Elements Quick Editor/Installing/uninstalling Adobe Premiere 

Getting Started

1. Adobe Premiere Elements Help/Getting Started tutorials 

2. Premiere Elements Editor/Getting Started 

3. Premiere Elements Quick Editor/Getting Started 

4. Adobe Premiere Elements Editor Help/Help and Tutorials

5. Adobe Premiere Elements Quick Editor Help/Help and Tutorials 

Basically same operations for these species, but limitations depending on which species used. Those limitations could be generalized for the Windows Only aspect and/or could be limitations due to feature set for one of the Mac App Store versions of the product.

Specific Features 

1. Supported Import/Export Format (Adobe)
Premiere Elements/Supported devices and file formats

Premiere Elements/Supported file types for saving and exporting (Adobe)

Notable in the above is the Windows Only tag for Import: Windows Media (.wmv, .asf) and Windows Media (.wma) and for Export: Windows Media (.wmv), Animated GIF, and Microsoft AVI (.avi).

2. DV/HDV Data Capture Firewire
From all read, DV and HDV data from capture firewire is wrapped
Windows, DV data, .avi wrapper; HDV data, mpg wrapper
Mac, DV data, .mov wrapper, HDV data, mpg wrapper

3. Burn Options
Premiere Elements Editor/Sharing DVD or Blu-ray Disc

According to the above document Adobe Premiere Elements Editor (Mac App Store) appears to offer creation of the disc image (iso) besides burn to disc (DVD, AVCHD, Blu-ray) and burn to folder (DVD, AVCHD) options; whereas, the disc image choice does not seem to be offered in Premiere Elements 11 Mac (Adobe). See what appears to be the Premiere Elements 11 Windows/Mac (Adobe) document on this matter
Premiere Elements/Sharing to DVD or Blu-ray Disc
From what I have read, it looks like Mac has a Disk Utility that the Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Editor user might use for getting the iso disk image to disc. More information needed on this point.

4. Effects  (Adobe)

Premiere Elements/Effects reference

According to this Premiere Elements 11 (Adobe) document and others

a. Video Effects (Windows Only)

Blur and Sharpen
Sharpen  (based on an actual Premiere Elements Mac user input, Sharpen seems to have been labelled Windows Only by mistake in this Adobe document)


Lens Distortion

This Distort category has a note saying "All the  Distort Options are available in Windows Only; but yet only the following in that category have the Windows Only tag

Image Control
Color Pass
Color Replace


Blue Screen Key
Green Screen Key
Chroma Key
RGB Difference

Premiere Elements 11 Mac does have the Difference Matte. See blog post "Difference Matte As Substitute for Green or Blue Screen Key"


Camera View
Horizontal Hold
Vertical Hold

b. Audio Effects (Windows Only)

Pitch Shifter

5. Transitions   (Adobe)

Numerous Windows Only

More information needed on this.

Premiere Elements 11 Mac (Adobe) General Problems

1. Adobe Premiere Elements Help/Expert view Timeline zooms in when dragging clips I MacBook Pro, retina display

2. Photoshop Elements Help/Troubleshoot errors, freezes I Install I Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements I Mac OS

Since Elements Windows only user here, information posted in this blog post will be updated to correct any misconceptions based on present online search and/or to add more related content.

Premiere Elements Mac Movie Menu files, Where Are They Found?
(added section on April 11, 2015)

In Premiere Elements 11, 12/12.1, and 13/13.1 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit, the path to the Movie Menu theme SlideShow/Pan and Zoom that comes with the program installation is Local Disk C\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 11, 12, or 13\DVD Templates\Common.

Premiere Elements Mac user Martin P tracked down the Premiere Elements Mac counterpart and wrote:
OK, mac users - this is what you need to do.

Go to Macintosh HD --> Applications --> Adobe Premiere Elements 13 --> Support Files

RIGHT CLICK on Adobe Premiere (NOT Adobe Premiere Elements 13. app), Select "Show Package Contents". Here you'll find DVD Templates --> Common --> Slideshows
See Posts 16 to 28 

In Premiere Elements 11, 12/12.1, and 13/13.1 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit, the path to the Movie Menu themes that require "content download" is Local Disk C\Program Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements\version #\Online\DVD Templates\All_Lang\category folders....

The Premiere Elements Mac counterpart is reported to be Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Premiere Elements/13.0/Online/DVD Templates/All_Lang/
See bha51 Post 12

*Other interesting Premiere Elements Mac (non version 11, non Mac App Store) related documents include

 Premiere Elements 10 Mac Installer Fix

Adobe Premiere Elements Help/Updated installation instructions I Premiere Elements 10 I Mac OS

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