Sunday, April 27, 2014

PE12: Sign In Failure (Connect to Internet or Fix Computer Clock)


"Premiere Elements 12 Editor Will Not Open" factors were looked in the prior blog post from the hosts file level as well as from the level of the SLStore Folder and SLCache Folder. None of that was of any help in a recent case where Premiere Elements 12 Sign In resulted in failure with the message Connect to Internet or Fix Computer Clock Setting. The Internet was connected, and there was no clock problem.


How to get beyond the endless message of Premiere Elements 12 (Windows 8.1 64 bit) Sign In's Connect to Internet or Fix Computer Clock Setting when both were perfectly fine?


The solution came from Sandeep Singh (Adobe Help) who suggested that the fix might come from updating the Adobe Application Manager, using the download

The download and install was done with the antivirus and firewalls turned Off. The Adobe Application Manager was uninstalled from the list of installed programs in Control Panel/Programs. The download file was named ApplicationManager8.0_all.exe, and it was installed to the computer desktop.

Clicking on that desktop icon initiated an updating process which terminated claiming need for Administrative rights in spite of the fact that the computer was being run from a User Account with Administrative Privileges. Right clicking the desktop icon and selecting Run As Administrator beforehand solved that problem.

With Run As Administrator in effect,  "Update" as it was called went to completion and included accepting Adobe Creative Cloud. The end result was an Adobe Creative Cloud icon on the computer desktop. This icon traced to Local Disk C\Program Files (x84)\Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud\ACC\, And, the Control Panel Installed Programs included Adobe Creative Cloud

Now when I restarted Premiere Elements 12 and got the Sign In dialog and hit Sign In, the program opened activated and ready to work.


Work in progress is figuring out the inter relationship between the Adobe Application Manager and Adobe Creative Cloud. My first impression is that Adobe Application Manager automatically updated to Adobe Creative Cloud in the above navigation.

Before Sandeep's suggested fix, we had thought about targeting the Adobe Application Manager as the cause of the Premiere Elements 12 Sign In failure described. But, we could find only the Adobe Application Manager for "CC" not Premiere Elements. That caused us to consider. But, the "CC" version as suggested by Sandeep was what worked for us in the final analysis. 

More information on the above will be posted when it becomes available. Many thanks to Sandeep SIngh (Adobe Help) for key idea to a resolution.


04 27 2014.
When this Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 8.1 64 bit was updated just now to 12.1 via the opened program's Help Menu/Updates, the download dialog that appeared had a header named Adobe Application Manager, not Adobe Creative Cloud.