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PE: Closing Rolling Credits Ideas


One Adobe document on creating titles in Premiere Elements can be found HERE. Of special interest (not addressed in that document) is taking the closing rolling credits beyond the typical closing rolling credits' text (fonts). This special interest developed as a results of our viewing and getting caught up in the closing and opening titling for Chinese, South Korean, and Hindi movies.* In the film industry, often these closing rolling credits inserts are designed for display of what happens to the film's characters after their story has been depicted in the film. Also filming "outtakes" are often in the inserts.


Although most of us are not creating movies for the film industry, our Premiere Elements home movies can still borrow some of the movie industry's ideas to enhance our home movies closing rolling credits.


Rolling Credits With Photo(s) or Video(s) Insert


Essentially the Premiere Elements 14/14.1** Expert workspace for this example is as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.
The Windows Media video 1920 x 1080 from the Figure 1 workflow can be viewed and added Music Score heard in sample video 1 playback.

Insert might be
photo scaled to 40%
video scaled to 40%
freeze frame from Timeline content to 40% which represents the freeze frame content as is or taken to cartoon look.
More than one insert can be Video Track can be used depending on the duration of the rolling credits.
Insert images can be 4:3 or 16:9.
Insert is set to appear on screen immediately for the first appearance of the closing roll credits.
A Dip To Black video transaction (1 second duration) was was placed at Left Clip for the photo of the photo insert.

Rolling Credits Options might be from route
Text Menu/New Text/Default Text and Roll and selection of Roll/Crawl Options (Text Menu/Roll/Crawl Options). The selection of Roll Options is as shown in Figure 2.

The how fast or slow the closing rolling credits moved was adjusted by
  • Time Stretch or just dragging out its right edge with the and 
  • Ease-In setting.
See HERE for background information on the Preroll, Ease-In, Ease-Out, and Postroll.

With the photo insert, the Music Score/Wedding/Wedding March-Recessional was used for background music to accompany the rolling of the closing rolling credits. In the case a the "video with audio in its file" insert, it is probably best to omit any music in the Music Track and just go with the audio of the video clip.


Photo(s) or video(s) insert in the closing rolling credits should be considered as an alternate for "Bonus Items" concept  (extras, at the end of the movie content) since it does not suffer from the problem of the "Bonus Items" stop maker workflow for the AVCHD and Blu-ray disk end products.

Photo(s) or video(2) insert in the closing rolling credits seemed to be a delightful way of extending the story line of the user's movie story without being intrusive. But, it may not be for all. "Not suitable" for project might involve for example
  • Distraction from the data in the closing rolling credits
  • Compromising of computer resources
  • Duration of closing rolling credits when more than one insert is to be used
Variations in design are essentially unlimited for the photo(s) or video(s) insert for the closing rolling credits. This blog post offers the idea and basics for thinking about and determining if this idea widens your view of the creation of the closing rolling credits.

Work in progress. Depending on the interest, above may be updated to include detailed How To in a further blog post. Also,very beautiful openings have been seen and are being looked into to determine if and how to create them in Premiere Elements.

*See closing rolling credits used (films listed only because of design of closing rolling credits and are not intended to imply approval or disapproval of movie)

Sophie's Revenge (China - South Korea 2009)
link removed

Love 911 (South Korea 2012)
link removed
(After the main movie, several scenes appear. Look to the very end closing rolling credits for the use of line drawings included in the closing rolling credits)

Driving Miss Wealthy (Hong Kong 2004)
link removed

**On Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit


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Sophie's Revenge (China - South Korea 20090
link removed
Love 911 (South Korea 2012)
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Driving Miss Wealthy (Hong Kong 2004)

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