Saturday, April 27, 2013

PE11: Exporting a 1080p50 or 1080p60 file with 5.1 Channel Audio


Premiere Elements will support the import, but not the export, of Dolby Digital 5.1 channel audio. For Dolby Digital, the user is left with Stereo (2 channel) option for export to file or disc. But the program does allow for some very limited opportunities for export to file for 5.1 channel with AAC instead of the Dolby Digital codec. However, the latter errors out at export with the following message
The source and output audio channels are not compatible or a conversion does not exist.
unless a project preset (New Project Dialog) was selected for the project that has 5.1 channel incorporated into its sqpreset file in the Program Files (these sqpreset files for version 11 can be found in the Windows 7 or 8 64 bit path = Local Disk C\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 11\Settings\SequencePresets\NTSC or PAL\AVCHD).

In setting up these AVCHD project presets/sqpreset files, Adobe provided for some separate project presets for video with Stereo or 5.1 channel. The choices available include the PAL choices shown below as well as the counterpart NTSC choices.

  • AVCHD Full HD 1080i25
  • AVCHD Full HD 1080i25 5.1 channel
  • AVCHD HD 1080i25
  • AVCHD HD 1080i25 5.1 channel

But when Adobe introduced the PAL AVCHD 1080p50 and NTSC AVCHD 1080p60 project presets in version 11, it created only the project preset with the Master Track Type = Stereo, that is, just AVCHD 1080p50 and AVCHD 1080p60 and did not include the AVCHD 1080p50 5.1 channel and AVCHD 1080p60 5.1 channel options.


From Notepad document for AVCHD 1080p60.sqpreset file copy, create a NTSC AVCHD 1080p60 5.1 channel.sqpreset file and place it in the NTSC/AVCHD Folder in the above path. And, from Notepad document for PAL 1080p50.sqpreset file copy, create a PAL AVCHD 1080p50 5.1 channel.sqpreset file and place it in the PAL/AVCHD Folder in the above path.


1. Make a copy of the PAL AVCHD 1080p50.sqpreset file and NTSC AVCHD 1080p60.sqpreset file which came with the program and which are found in the above path. Paste to computer Desktop and proceed for each file as follows.

2. First right click the PAL AVCHD 1080p50.sqpreset.file copy that was pasted to the computer Desktop, select Open With, and then select Notepad.

3. In the Notepad document of the PAL AVCHD 1080p50.sqpreset, where it says

Change to:

And where it says

Change to:

Before saving and closing out of this Notepad document, Save As, changing the name of the document to AVCHD 1080p50 5.1 channel. Place the file in the AVCHD Folder in the PAL/AVCHD Folder cited above.

Repeat the How to in order to create the NTSC AVCHD 1080p60 5.1 channel.sqpreset for placement in the Program Files in the NTSC/AVCHD Folder cited above.

4. It is highly recommended that you take control over setting up the Premiere Elements 11 project when you are using the sqpresets described. To do this, open to Premiere Elements 11 workspace, go to File Menu/New/Project and, in the New Project Dialog, select your 1080p50 5.1 channel or 1080p60 5.1 channel project preset. Make sure you put a check mark next to "Force selected Project Setting on this project" before you click OK. And, then move forward to Add Media and import of video with its 1080p50 5.1 channel properties. In the opened project, you should see a little "5.1" to the right of the name Audio 1 for that track.


Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD/ with Presets: = MP4 - H.264 1920 x 1080p25

Under the Advanced Button of that preset:

Codec = MainConcept H.264 Video
PAL dotted
Frame Width = 1920 pixels
Frame Height = 1080 pixels
Frame Rate = 50 frames per second
Field Order = None (Progressive)...grayed out
Pixel Aspect Ratio = Square Pixels
Profile = Main
Level = 5.1

Audio Format = AAC
Output Channels = 5.1 Channels
Frequency = 48 kHz
Audio Quality = High

Multiplexing - MP4
Stream Compatibility = Standard

The properties readout programs gspot and MediaInfo both confirm the results (1080p50 AAC 5.1 channel/AVCHD.mp4 export from Premiere Elements 11 Windows 7 64 bit.) And, these exported files played back with great quality video and audio wise on at least Windows Media Player and VLC Player.

This type of issue presented here is not unique in principle to Premiere Elements 11. But Premiere Elements 11 is the only version with the Adobe included 1080p50 and 1080p60 project presets.

Please refer to July 7, 2013 blog post for further information on this subject.