Saturday, April 27, 2013

PE11: Menu Marker Limit Implementation Problem

There appears to be a major area of concern with regard to what Adobe has done with menu markers situation (either an oversight or by intent) in this new version.

Premiere Elements 10 limits the users to no more than 25 menu markers. A program message stops you from applying the 26th. No way around it. In Premiere Elements 11 you can place over 25 menu markers on the Timeline, no program message telling you of a 25 menu marker limit or stopping you from adding more than 25 menu markers. You can see the 25+ menu markers, each represented above the Timeline as a colored dot. I was up to 75 menu markers when I stopped counting.

With 75 menu markers (scene markers in this case) on the Timeline, the moment of truth came when I selected a movie menu with 6 scenes per page and got only 5 scene selection pages, with 6, 6, 6, 6, 1 thumbnails on each page respectively. So there would appear to be a 25 menu marker limit after all? Whether I put 32 or 76 scene markers on the Timeline, all I would get was my 5 scene selection pages representing 25 scene markers.

To prove to myself this was a "number of menu markers" and a "not number of scene selection pages" matter, I set up for 32 scene markers and used a movie menu with 3, not 6, scenes per page. In support of the "number of menu markers", not scene selection pages, being at the core of this, I obtained 9 scene selection pages: 8 of the 9 scene selections with 3 thumbnails and 1 of the 9 scene selection pages with 1 thumbnail.

No solution found other than devise a workflow with no more than 25 menu markers. It would appear that main menu markers as well as scene markers are included in this menu marker 25 limit, but not stop markers.