Thursday, October 15, 2015

PE 14: Keyboard Shortcuts


Premiere Elements 4 through 14 offer "Keyboard Customization" with Application and Windows categories, each filled with program functions with and without Adobe assigned keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard customization applies to user assigning commands only for those functions that Adobe has put in the Keyboard customization feature.

The distinction between the Application and Windows categories is that Application is categorized according to the menus of the Premiere Elements workspace (for version 14, File, Edit, Clip, Timeline, Text, Tools, Window, and Help); whereas Windows is categorized according to the Windows of Premiere Elements (for version 14, Narration, Organizer, Disc Layout Window, Properties Window, History Window, Trimming Window, Monitor Window, Media Window, Sceneline Window, and Timeline Window.

For all intents and purposes the "Keyboard Customization" area of 14 is same as for 13**.
PE 13: Keyboard Shorts are found HERE.

The Keyboard Customization (default) listings found in Premiere Elements 14* Edit Menu/Keyboard Customization are:



more Clip


 more Text

more Help



more Monitor Window

*Information listed is for Premiere Elements 14 on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit.
**Some specific differences noted between Premiere Elements 14 and 13/13.1 Keyboard Customization feature
File..the function listing for Export Title is gone, and now Export and Share function in the Adobe list of functions.
Clip.. For Clear Clip Marker/Current Marker, now Adobe assigned as Ctrl + Shift + was Ctrl + Shift + 0 in 13/13.1. For Clear Clip Marker/All Markers, now Adobe assigned as Alt + Shift + 1, was Alt + Shift + 0. 
Timeline...For Clear Timeline Marker/Current Time Indicator, now Adobe assigned as Ctrl + was Ctrl + 0 in 13/13.1. For Clear Timeline Marker/All Markers, now Adobe assigned as Alt + was Alt + 0. Also, Apply Default Transition Along CTI function is now assigned a command by Adobe for Audio and Video, with Audio's command Ctrl + Shift + D and Video's commnad Ctrl + D...was left blank in 13/13.1.
Help....Now has function for Show Audio View assigned by Adobe as Shift + A. And the function Show Classic View is assigned by Adobe as Shift + C.
Narration Windows....the function delete present narration is gone.

Work in progress, continuously checking for any typing errors.