Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PE 13: Keyboard Shortcuts


Premiere Elements 4 through 13 offer Keyboard Customization with Application and Windows categories, each filled with program functions with and without Adobe assigned keyboard shortcusts. All can be customized.

The distinction between the Application and Windows categories is that Application is categorized according to the menus of the Premiere Elements workspace (for version 13, File, Edit, Clip, Timeline, Text, Action Bar, Tools, Window, and Help); whereas Windows is categorized according to the Windows of Premiere Elements (for version 13, Narration, Organizer, Disc Layout Window, Properties Window, History Window, Trimming Window, Monitor Window, Media Window, Sceneline Window, and Timeline Window.

Much is the same going from 12 to 13 in this area, but there have been changes with the loss of some function choices and the addition of a few other. Note the Windows/Trimming Window addition. Prior blog posts with Premiere Elements keyboard customization details can be found here for 11 and here (item 0016) for 12.

The Keyboard Customization (default) listings found in Premiere Elements 13* Edit Menu/Keyboard Customization are:



more Clip

more Text

more Help



more Monitor Window

* Information is from Premiere Elements 13 tryout from Adobe, on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit.