Saturday, September 12, 2015

PE: Language Change After Installation


A language for Premiere Elements is set during the installation process. Depending on the Premiere Elements version and details of the purchase, there could be only a limited number of alternative languages from which to select. As an example, a Premiere Elements 11 installed from installation disk to Windows 7 64 bit had language choices of only English (United States), French (Standard), German, and Japanese.

Figure 1. Setting Program Language At Beginning Of Install Of Premiere Elements 11 On Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 Bit.(Install From Installation Disc)

What to do if your Premiere Elements installation offers only the choice of a few languages and you need a language not on the list of choices?


To find a wider range of choice for language for the Premiere Elements install, explore the following:

a. Uninstall Premiere Elements currently installed, then....

b. Install the tryout of the version using installation files from one of the following sources

Adobe Other Downloads
Premiere Elements range of tryouts there is 9 to 13


Another web site
In the web site's Search field just type what you seek.
Premiere Elements range of tryouts there is 8 to 13.

At the beginning of installation, designate the language wanted from a list which should be greater than just English, French, German, and Japanese. And, insert the purchased serial number in these installation files.

The opportunities may vary from version to version with regard to program language, but the choices from the above links are expected to include (especially for the more recent versions)....



The Solution may not be the answer for all circumstances, but it is worth exploring if you want to change the program language of your purchased Premiere Elements, and the language that you want is not on your list of choices at the beginning of the program installation.