Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PE 13/13.1: Favorite Moments Or Preview Window Trims?


In Premiere Elements versions, it is convenient to split video into clips (trims) by double clicking the video's thumbnail in Expert workspace Project Assets to bring up the Preview Window with its Set In and Set Out points.The trim created can be dragged to the Timeline and/or dragged into Project Assets to become a "subclip", part of the project's media. In the trimming of the clip in the Project Window, the trimmed parts are hidden and not really cut away. This can be evidenced by the fact that the Project Window's trim on the Timeline can be dragged out to recover the whole clip on the Timeline. See

Favorite Moments is a new video trimming feature debuting in Premiere Elements 13/13.1 where Preview Windows has not been discontinued and remains an alternative choice for video trimming. See

The Favorite Moments workflow begins by selecting/highlighting a single Timeline video clip and then going to and selecting Tools Menu/Favorite Moments or Tools Tab/Favorite Moments which opens to its own workspace which is set for either
  • Place moments as combined clip on timeline
  • Place as individual clips on timeline
before trimming is begun, completed, and the trims for the video returned to the Timeline as individual trims or the individual trims combined into one. Either way, copies of the Favorite Moments trims automatically end up in the same Project Assets folder named Moment Trimming.

The individual Timeline trims can be drawn out by the mouse cursor to recover the whole clip whereas this is not the case for the the individual trims which are combined into one. But, the latter can be broken apart to yield the individual trims by right clicking the Timeline combined clip and selecting Break Apart Moments.


For trimming video clips in Premiere Elements 13/13.1, what to use -
Preview Window with Set In and Set Out points or the Favorite Moments feature?


Preview Window or Favorite Moments

Either way, the video clip can be effectively trimmed and trims provided for the Timeline content as well as for project media
  • In Preview Window way, trim is dragged from Preview Windows to Project Assets to generate copy of trim (subclip)
  • In Favorite Moments way, all copies of trim(s) created in the project by Favorite Moments automatically go to the same Project Assets folder name Moment Trimming which is automatically created when the Favorite Moments feature is used in a project.
Either way, individual trims on the Timeline can be drawn out there to recover the whole clip from which the trims were derived.

The mode of access to Preview Window and Favorite Moments differs. Preview Window is opened for trims by double clicking the video file's thumbnail in Project Assets; whereas, Favorite Moments starts off with Timeline selected video clip, followed by Tools Menu/Favorite Moments or Tools Tab/Favorite Moments to bring up the Favorite Moments workspace for the trims.
Note: Although double clicking the video file on the Timeline will bring up the Preview Window for Timeline trims, it does not support creating subclips for Project Assets as is possible when the Preview Window is opened by double clicking the video file's thumbnail in Project Assets.

Preview Window does not offer combining individual trims into one and subsequent breaking the combined trims apart as necessary as does Favorite Moments.

Favorite moments offers a Favorite Moments Settings dialog with options not found in Preview Window. This dialog is accessed by clicking on the Settings icon at the bottom left of the Favorite moments workspace. See this dialog when making decisions on whether or not to include transitions with the trims that will be returning to the Expert workspace from the Favorite Moments workspace. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Favorite Moments Settings In Favorite Moments Workspace.

The Favorite Moments way, either choice of the two "Exit Settings" allows for the automatic application of the default transition between trims when they arrive back on the Timeline from the Favorite Moments workspace. But, that appears to be the default video transition and not the default audio transition as well.
Note: When Favorite Moments is used for the first time, clicking Done in the Favorite Moments workspace triggers an Exit Settings dialog which is just the Exit Settings portion of the Favorite Moments Settings dialog without the option for applying default transition between Favorite Moments.

Favorite Moments removes all earlier applied effects before opening its workspace. These "earlier applied effects" appear to include fx Effects, adjustments. Example, if video has been scaled in Edit area, the scaling needs to be removed by Favorite Moments in order for it to continue.

Figure 2. Favorite Moments' Remove Applied Effects Dialog When Video To Be Trimmed Has Applied Effects.
Consequently, if presented with the Remove Applied Effects dialog, the choice needs to be Yes to continue to the Favorite Moments workspace for video trimming.

Favorite Moments and Preview Window can be used in the Expert and Quick workspaces of Premiere Elements 13/13.1, remembering that Quick does not have Project Assets for trim storage as project media as does Expert. The Project Window that opens in Quick has no visible Set In or Set Out point as does the Expert workspace counterpart. Set In and Set Out are set by right clicking the bar under the Preview Window and selecting Set Clip Marker In Out. The following is an online video tutorial on the use of Favorite Moments in Premiere Elements 13/13.1 Mac. It is demo'd in the Quick workspace.


Favorite Moments (the newcomer) or Premiere Windows for video trimming, which to use in Premiere Elements 13/13.1 was the question. After all is said and done, I would probably give the edge to Favorite Moments for handling of the trim storage as project media, the consistency of the workflow between Expert and Quick workspaces, and its overall perks. But, when it comes to the actual ease in trimming and trim results, I am undecided at this time. Need to think about that some more.

* Study on using Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit and confirmed on Windows 8.1 64 bit.