Thursday, February 5, 2015

PE 13: Adobe Releases Premiere Elements 13.1 Update


Today February 5, 2015, Adobe has updated Premiere Elements 13 to 13.1. The update also takes the Elements Organizer 13 to 13.1. Download and install is done under the Help Menu/Update of an opened project.

The initial dialog is represented in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Premiere Elements 13 to 13.1 Update Dialog

The release notes for the 13.1 Update can be found in the Adobe document

According to the Adobe document, the features of this 13.1 Update include
  • Sample text for fonts
  • Quick access to Instant movie and video story creation
  • Pan and zoom for images in a video story
  • Frequently used panel
  • ISO Image creation for disc burn failures
Adobe has also updated Photoshop Elements 13 to 13.1. The update also takes the Elements Organizer 13 to 13.1.

For Photoshop Elements 13.1 Update information, please see 


Sample text for fonts

The Font choices in the Text section of the opened Titler are now represented as shown in Figure 2. Before in 13, there was only the Font name and no sample text.

Figure 2. Premiere Elements 13.1 Titler Open To Text Section's Font Field.

Quick access to Instant movie and video story creation

Going from Welcome Screen/Video Editor/New Project, the Premiere Elements 13.1workspace seen has a large panel in the center upper area of the workspace, with choices for "Add Media", "Make your Video Story", "Create an Instant  Movie". The 13 - 13.1 comparison is shown in Figures 3 and 4.

Figure 3. BEFORE Premiere Elements 13.1, With Additional Routes To Add Media, Make Your Video Story, And Create An Instant Movie.
Figure 4. AFTER Premiere Elements 13.1, With Additional Routes To Add Media, Make Your Video Story, And Create An Instant Movie.
As in 13, Video Story and Instant Movie can be accessed under the Create header to the top right of this new prominent panel addition.

Pan and zoom for images in a video story

Now in 13.1, a pan and zoom effect is applied automatically by the feature to stills and can be seen after going through the "possessing Video story" stage of the Video Story creation. The Adobe document says "You can choose to disable Pan and Zoom for all or some of the images in your video story." It is not yet understood how the Pan and Zoom feature is disabled.

And, this automatic pan and zoom effect applied to the stills  takes place whether the source media for the Video Story is "Use Media from Timeline" or Add Media from
  • Elements Organizer
  • Videos from Flip or Camera
  • Photos from Camera or Devices
  • Files and Folders
 Please refer to
"PE 13: Video Story Media Considerations"

Frequently used panel

In the Expert workspace each of the following tabs now include its own listing for Frequently Used

Titles & Text
fx Effects

Initial studies indicate that it take about 3 uses of the asset to trigger its inclusion into the Frequently Used listing under the tab of each category. For clean up of "Frequently Used" within the program, go to
Local Disk C
Premiere Elements
and in the 13.0 Folder are included

Frequently UserTransitions.dat

Deleting the file corresponding to its program tab, removes all the Frequently Used entries for the particular category. When the program is opened, it generates an empty Frequently Used category within program.

ISO Image creation for disc burn failures

Still in progress is trying to determine what Adobe has done in 13.1 relating to "ISO Image creation for disc burn failures". ISO Image choice in 13 worked, but not when the .iso file to be involved was over about 1.1 GB (as pointed out by Juergen).

Has Adobe corrected the ISO Image file size this issue to make it a viable alternative to burn to disc when the .iso file has a file size greater than about 1.1 GB?

Tests so far indicate that the 13.1 Update has not corrected this 13 situation described in detail in.


Early reports indicate no improvement in Motion Tracking feature in 13.1 Update.
In my initial look at Motion Tracking in 13.1, it is working overall - questionable better, not worse. More looks on this needed.

Improvement in Wacom pen and tablet device in 13.1

Just what the Adobe 13.1 feature "ISO Image creation for disc burn failures" is all about is not yet understood. The ISO Image file size issue was not found to be corrected in 13.1 Update.

User report just posted says that Premiere Elements 13 and Elements Organizer 13 large fonts issue under the following condition is not resolved in 13.1
24 in 1920 x 1200 monitor with Control Panel 125% viewing set

The AVCHD.mts No Sound in Elements Organizer 13 issue may have been corrected in Elements Organizer 13.1. We have found in Window 8.1 64 bit -
AVCHD.mts Dolby digital 2 channel or 5.1 channel, no sound in Elements Organizer 13 player.
AVCHD.mts Dolby digital 2 channel or 5.1 channel, now sound in Elements Organizer 13.1 player.

No Disc error in 13 has not been fixed in 13.1. That information has just been posted and confirmed by PRE_help today. The fix for the No Disc error remains as suggested by PRE_help as deleting or disabling the OldFilm.AEX file.

Domain account and Keyframe h 142 issues have been resolved by Adobe in 13.1 as reported by PRE_help today

A document explaining the 13.1 features in fuller detail than Adobe's initial document on 13.1 seems to have been published on February 13, 2015 after this blog post was published on February 5, 2015. Of particular interest was the description of what Adobe is doing with its ISO Image feature in 13.1. According to this document

ISO image for disc burn failures: A disc burn failure can be frustrating considering that it is a time-consuming operation. The Premiere Elements update creates and saves an ISO image on your computer, in the event that a hardware issue causes a disc burn operation to fail. You can then choose to burn the ISO image to a disc, as per your convenience. While the option to explicitly Burn to ISO image continues to be available, this enhancement saves you a lot of time in case of an inadvertent disc burn failure. Also see Disc burning guidelines and Common causes of disc burn failures.

The authors of this February 13, 2015 document describe themselves as
"team of writers that maintains Help and user-assistance content for Adobe products across multiple domains, including Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Acrobat, the Elements family of products, Technical Communication Suite, mobile apps, and more". 

In addition this document shows a screenshot of the disable pan and zoom in the Video Story. I have not found this disable pan and zoom option. I will take another look. 

I have just found the disable pan and zoom options in Video Story and am posting them in the blog as well as in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum thread

There is a disable pan and zoom option for the new Video Story feature after all. Although the dialog showing its existence was shown in the document cited in the previous post, the route to get there was not.

Here is what I found...After opening Video Story feature and selecting a theme and feature assets, I will subsequently get to the section Story Assets where I drag the assets into individual Chapter spaces. After that is done, I click Next which results in "Processing". After the "Processing" is completed, I get a view for "Detail View". I needed to switch from "Detail View" to "Overview" to see a layout of all the Chapters, each Chapter having options which included Edit Chapter.

a. In the Overall view, I went to the Chapter of interest and clicked on the "Edit Chapter" button at the bottom of that Chapter display.
b. The first screenshot displays what I saw after hitting "Edit Chapter". When I brought the mouse cursor in contact with the picture of interest, the blue icon pointed to in the first screenshot appeared. And, when I double clicked that blue icon,


I am presented with the display where I can change the pan and zoom options for one or all.
Please see second screenshot below.

Video Story Again.JPG


At this point, it would appear that we now have the essential information for the 13.1 Update new features. Also, it would appear that Adobe documents on 13.1 are addressing 13.1 features and not the fixes which were or were not included in 13.1. That we will continue to follow and report on as 13.1 users post of their experiences  with 13.1. Of note, Adobe's PRE_help team has come forward in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum to offer some information on the fixed and not fixed by 13.1. Thanks Adobe PRE_help team. Please refer to the content of this blog for those instances.

Work in Progress