Friday, January 16, 2015

PE 13: Video Story Media Considerations


Premiere Elements 13* offers a new feature called Video Story. It is found under the Create header in the Expert and Quick workspaces.  Basically the feature offers several different storyboard template choices into which videos and files can be placed ordered sequentially in a structured theme to build on the story to be told by final video presentation.

The storyboard template themes include
  • General - Party, Festive
  • Birthday - Make a Wish, Birthday Bash
  • Graduation - Graduation Day
  • Travel - Travel Diaries
  • Wedding - Wedding Wells, Now and Forever
All of the above themes, except General/Party require content download before use.

Each of the storyboard template themes include an option "Use Media from my Timeline". If that is not selected, the theme selected will open to a workspace with choices for adding media from
  • Elements Organizer
  • Videos from Flip or Camera
  • Photos from Camera or Devices
  • Files and Folders
This blog post will focus only on "Use Media from my Timeline" option of Video Story since it was found that the "Media from my Timeline" was not always as expected.


The Adobe document on Video Story states
The "Use media from my timeline option" brings all the videos and photos from your timeline to the story assets view in the Video Story workflow.
That statement is not necessary true and where it is not needs to be pointed to.


1. Trimmed Clips

If video file is trimmed in its Preview Window which is opened by double clicking the file in Project Assets and that trim dragged to the Timeline, that Timeline trim will be used in the Video Story feature; whereas the trim will not be used in Video Story and the whole video version used instead when
  • trimmed video clip is created by Preview Window which is opened by double clicking the file after it was placed on the Timeline
  • trimmed video clip is created in the Timeline with the scissors tool in the stem of the Timeline Indicator 
  • trimmed video clip is created using the mouse cursor as a trim tool

In these cases where the whole video instead of a trim from it is taken into Video Story, there is an opportunity to split that whole clip into multiple clips, but it depends on the Auto-Analyzer finding  and splitting scenes in the video.
Right click the whole video in Video Story's "Get Media for your Story" workspace, and select "Split Into Multiple Clips". But, it does not always. And, if it does, the split clips do not contain a split clip that looks like the Timeline trim that was wanted transferred  from project's Timeline to Video Story.

**Also, consider using Favorite Moments for the video clip trim from within Video Story Detail View in Story Assets/Story Chapters area.
Click on the "Star" in the video clip to open Favorite Moments for clip trimming followed by the trimmed clip's return to the Video Story in process.

2. Effects Applied To Timeline


Timeline video or still to which a fx Effects has been applied  prior to being taken into Video Story loses the effect in Video Story. Sampling of testing
  • Video file to which had been applied fx Effects/Advanced Adjustments/Channel Mixer
  • JPEG still file to which had been applied fx Effects/Stylize/Find Edges
  • JPEG still file to which had been applied fx Effects/Stylize/Replicate
  • JPEG or Video files which had been cropped using fx Effects/Transform/Crop
Interpret Footage, Time Stretch, and Time Remapping

Timeline video to which slow or fast motion has been created by using Interpret Footage is taken into Video Story with the slow or fast motion present.

However, Timeline video to which slow or fast motion has been applied by Time Stretch or Time Remapping is taken into Video Story without the slow or fast motion.


If keyframing of a property is used for a Timeline object, that object comes into Video Story from the project's Timeline without the keyframing.

3. Timeline Titles

Timeline Titles which were created in the project's Titler or Title Templates found under the Titles & Text Tab are not taken into Video Story.

4. Graphics

Timeline graphic (.png clip art) is taken into Video Story.

5. Audio

Timeline audio (Music Score and Sound Effects and Narration) are not taken into Video Story. Video Story's message is that it does not support audio, just photos and videos whether the user gets the Video Story media from Add Media choices or from the "Use Media from my Timeline", the option on which this blog post is focused.

However, when the Video Story accepts a video file which includes audio, the audio from that video clip is heard in Video Story.

* Work done on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit and confirmed on Windows 8.1 64 bit. The storyboard template theme named Party under the General category was used. Premiere Elements 13 Expert workspace was used.
**February 13, 2016 Update...Please see "PE 14/14.1: Video Story Elements Organizer Access".