Monday, February 15, 2016

PE 11 through 14/14.1: Picture Cube Movie Menu Scene Buttons Not Editable


Picture Cube Movie Menu theme became a free theme built into the version only after Premiere Elements 10 when was removed from Premiere Elements. Before that, the user had to go from the the version's free membership to plus membership to gain access to this theme if wanted in the version's project.

Figure 1. Premiere Elements 10 Disc Menus Picture Cube Plus Members Only
Each Premiere Elements theme traces back to a set of .psd files -- main menu (mm) and scene menu (sm) -- on the hard drive. Depending on the project preset, the set presented for use within the project could be for Picture Cube

Standard (s)

Standard Widescreen (w)

High Definition (hd)

And, in Premiere Elements 11, 12/12.1, 13/13.1, and 14/14.1*, these .psd files are found in the (A) Picture Cube Folder in the path
Local Disc C\Program Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements 11.0, 12.0, 13.0, or 14.0\Online\DVD Templates\All_Lang\General\ (A) Picture Cube.

Each .psd file Layer Palette consists of layer groups, sublayer groups, and layers with coding required to make text editable in the movie menu customization area within the program.


The Picture Cube theme has a Scene Selection page with 3 scene thumbnail buttons. In the Movie Menu customization area of Premiere Elements 11 through 14/14.1, these scene thumbnail buttons in the Scene Selection page are named in Dutch and cannot be edited within the project.


It was found that the Picture Cube scene menu .psd files (whether s, w, or hd) are miscoded specific to the scene thumbnail buttons. And, this miscoding makes it impossible to edit the scene thumbnail button names. The main menu psd files are not affected by this issue.

Scene Menu .psd files affected are

The layer group for each of the 3 scenes must be gone into to correct the following:

Critical One...rename the sublayer group from (^) to (^^). See Figure 2 which shows the layer group and sublayer group involved for scene one. Do the same for scene two and scene three layer group.
Other...set the layer visibility icon to the language wanted if not working in a Netherlands set up.**

Figure 2. Picture Cube Photoshop CS5.1 Scene One Critical Problem (Same For Scene Two And Scene Three)

Figure 3. Picture Cube Photoshop CS5.1 Scene One After Critical Correction (Same For Scene Two And Scene Three)

These changes need to be made with a .psd editor that can open layer groups. Photoshop Elements CS or higher is recommended for the task. On unpredictable occasions, a version of Photoshop Elements will open the layer groups to get the areas to be edited. The .psd editor used in this study was Photoshop CS5.1.


Since this issue appears to have existed from 11 through the present 14/14.1, it is explainable why this glitch was not pointed to sooner.

We do not recall noting this before and will double check prior posted observations to determine if it was noted previously and not recalled at this time.

If you run into non editable text in the movie menu customization area of your Premiere Elements project, please keep the above factors in mind.

Work in progress.***

* Work was done using Premiere Elements on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit and confirmed on Windows 10 Home 64 bit.
**This work was done with Premiere Elements versions set to country United States and language English.
***In Premiere Elements 10, besides Picture Cube, the plus members only Movie Menu list includes Glass Flowers, Prime Time, Summer Beach, Scary Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, and Yearbook. Based on spot checking of each, Picture Cube is the only one of this group that has the problem of non editable text for the scene menu buttons.