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PE 14: Premiere Elements 14 Mac Only Adobe Solutions For Three Known Issues


During October/November 2015, three important Premiere Elements 14 Mac issues reported in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum targeted
  • Program crash when clicking on Continue after selecting a Movie Menu theme in the Movie Menu display of theme section
  • Royalty Activation error associated with MPEG file import and DVD burn
  • Premiere Elements 14 Mac Graphics Not Appearing

How to correct these three different types of issues seemingly affecting only Premiere Elements 14 Mac at this time.


Premiere Elements 14 Mac crash when clicking on "Continue" after selecting a Movie Menu theme in the Movie Menu display of themes section*

To resolve the issue, Adobe points to the deletion color profile files with the file extension .csf. The Adobe description of the problem and the how to for the deletion of these .csf files is found HERE . The following is an excerpt of the Solution that appears in the document.
Solution: Delete the .csf files
Delete the Color Profile file that is causing Premiere Elements to crash.
Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Settings and delete files with the .csf extension.
If you see a Recommended folder at ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Settings, delete all the contents of the Settings folder except for the Recommended folder itself.
The outdated files are no longer required and will have no impact on the functioning of the product.

Premiere Elements 14 Mac Royalty Activation Error**

To resolve this issue, Adobe points to permission settings in the path which includes the ARA Folder.
The early mention of ARA Folder error related to MPEG file imports and DVD burn is found HERE where the Adobe solution for the error was
Solution: Delete the ARA folder
To resolve the permission issues, delete the ARA folder that has the bad permissions. Once deleted, on next launch, PRE creates the folder with the right permissions.
You can find the ARA folder at the following locations:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Adobe/ARA
In this earlier mention of ARA Folder permissions, the product affected was Premiere Element 10, presumably on Windows and Mac.

In the case of the November 2015 Royalty Activation error report, Adobe's Sandeep Singh addressed the permissions at the level of the Common Folder/Adobe Folder/ in which the ARA Folder exists and gave the following instructions for resolving the Royalty Activation error.
Steps to check permissions:
- Right click on the Common folder
- Go to information in Sharing & Permissions isn’t visible, click the disclosure triangle.
- If necessary, click the lock icon  to unlock it, then enter an administrator name and password.
- Click a user or group in the Name column, then choose a privilege setting from the pop-up menu.
-  Give Read & Write: Allows a user to open the item and change it.
- If your username is not displaying Please  click Add + to add the your name owner.
- close the get info box
Please do these steps for Adobe folder also.

for more information about giving permission on mac you can check this document :
The user's follow up included
"I have changed read and write permission for Administrative and all user in Get Info of Common and Adobe folder as suggested by Sandeep, and it work. Now Premiere Elements 14 open without error."

In that same thread, Mac user with the Royalty Activation error reported not having the Common Folder, manually creating the Common Folder, restarting the computer to find the complete path to the ARA Folder generated. Problem was resolved.

Another Mac user in this same thread could not get any of the above to work and obtained the assistance of Jay at Adobe Support. This user shared the following for how Adobe's Jay resolved his Royalty Activation issue.
best to start off if you are going to try and correct this is to uninstall premiere elements first. Then grant privileges as described and then install. Once it launches the error should go away.

There are two folders that need permission granted to the Admin users, everyone users, your id if it is an admin to Adobe PCD and Common which are located as follows:
From Finder:
Macintosh HD/Library/Application support/Adobe/Adobe PCD  grant Read&Write permission to everyone and admins
Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common  grant Read&write permission to everyone & admins

If you use finder and perform go to /library/application support/adobe you will not find adobe pcd nor the adobe/ara folders, for what ever reason it can be located via that method. The only thing that seem to work to get where you need to be is going using finder under devices: so for me the path was as follows
userid macintosh hd/library/application support/adobe you will find the adobe pcd folder and the common folder where adobe/ara should be written to once you have granted permissions to Admins, Yourself which should be admin and apparently everyone as well.
Once you have granted permission you should install the software and it theory it should work.

Premiere Elements 14 Mac Graphics Not Appearing*** 
To resolve this issue, Adobe pointed to relocating the Clip Arts Folder from the Common Folder to the Adobe Premiere Folder.

A Premiere Elements 14 Mac  (OSX 10.11 El Capitan) user has reported the project's Graphics not appearing in the opened project under its Graphics Tab. See Adobe Premiere Elements Forum thread HERE for full details of problem, replies from assumed Adobe sources, and Adobe fix until a 14.1 Update is release somewhere in the future.

The information from posts in the thread cited include:

  • Problem affects Premiere Elements 14 Mac (all versions), and Premiere Elements 14 Windows is not affected by this issue.
  • The Clip Arts/Graphics issue presented by the Premiere Elements 14 Mac user was resolved by the following steps (copy/paste from thread cited)
1. Go to /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 14/Support Files/Adobe Premiere Arts/
2. You need to copy the Clip Art folder and paste it out of contents.
New path for Clip art folder should be:
/Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 14/Support Files/Adobe Premiere Arts/
When asked about the fate of the Contents Folder in this fix, Adobe representative has replied
"..... the 'Content' folder will remain as it is (No need to delete 'Content' folder). We just need to take 'Clip Art' folder out of 'Content' folder."


Special thank you to the Premiere Elements 14 Mac users who asked these important questions and received solutions from Adobe with excellent customer service in this sharing and learning process. Please see Footnotes below for the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum threads that called attention to the issues reported in this blog post.

*Adobe Premiere Elements Forum thread -
**Adobe Premiere Elements Forum thread -
***Adobe Premiere Elements Forum thread -